Dracula's Castle, Transylvania, Romania

Dracula's Castle, Transylvania, Romania

My journey to Romania started in the city of Cluj.

I decided to visit here to understand more about my heritage. It is a quaint city filled with beautiful ponds, parks, opera, and vast art museum.

While in town, I learned that the famous "Dracula's Castle" was only a short, several hours drive away.

So I just had to partake in that adventure!

A few of us drove through the northern Transylvania region. It was pretty, dotted with Eastern Orthodox churches, grazing livestock, and little villages along the way. We were traveling through the Carpathian Mountains region. The area certainly became mountainous and just breathtaking as we slowly made our way there!

Finally, we arrived there..at Bran Castle!

As we made our decent up the narrow roadway, we could see the huge castle perched up on the hill. Its a white structure with the traditional orange rooftops. It was originally a fortress built in the year 1212. It was the home of Count Vlad The Impaler in the 15th century. Inside resembles a hotel, which it had become at one point. However, the real treat of the day is the tour in the basement. My tour group gathered in the damp, dreary basement waiting for the tour to begin. The tour guide then began to speak, weaving tales of mayhem as he took a lit candle to display the series of creepy, Vlad-inspired victims murals on the walls around us. All of a sudden, the guide blew out his candle. Dracula jumped at us from out of no where! Thank goodness it was only an actor!

It was a fun and interesting adventure which I highly recommend.


Written and contributed by Maria

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