Don't Touch The Produce - Weigh Your Produce!

Don't Touch The Produce - Weigh Your Produce!

Produce Protocol in Italy:

Don't Touch The Fruit!

This is a sign you will often see at Italian markets.  

If you go to any Italian market the rule of thumb is not to touch the produce.  With very basic knowledge of the Italian language it's easy to get what you need at the market. Don't know the word for apple? Point at it and say how many you would like, a nice 'grazie' at the end and you're off to the races.


The supermarkets are a little different.

Obviously no one is going to serve you in the produce aisle but there are still steps to follow.  Most supermarkets will have plastic gloves for you to wear to pick your fruits and vegetables. Put them in a plastic bag, make note of the number on the sign and go and weigh your items, a sticky label will come out, slap it on and you're ready to go.  

The most annoying thing is when you don't know these things ahead of time and get to the register with an unlabeled bag and only to have the cashier tell you it needs to be weighed ahead of time.

And let me tell you, I'm sure most tourists have gone and touched fruit at markets or grabbed produce at the supermarket without putting gloves on or weighing anything.  It's a mistake you only make once because there's nothing worse than being scolded in a foreign language in public.