Distortion - A Celebration of Copenhagen's Nightlife

Distortion - A Celebration of Copenhagen's Nightlife

Distortion is an annual party representing the entire spectrum of activities and street life. 

Even though it started as a block party in the multiethnic neighborhood Nørrebro, it grew into an international festival.

Starting on a Wednesday before the first weekend in June, the celebration continues until Sunday when it finishes with famous Danish hygge, giving you a last chance to recover before the new week starts.


The main focus of the festival is of course music. There is a whole bunch of artists performing every year at Distortion; mostly focusing on underground electronic/hiphop music.

Every day the celebration is moving to a different part of the city, covering three neighborhoods (Inner City, Nørrebro, Vesterbro), an extra location for the Final Party on Saturday and one of the city parks for the Sunday Hygge.

Inner City parties on Wednesday are difficult to miss because tiny streets of the Copenhagen city center get full and loud very fast.

Nørrebro is filled with great little record shops, bars and upcoming young artists which reflect a perfect Distortion image. Big Nørrebro Thursday party takes place on Sankt Hans Torv – the very middle of Nørrebro. The street parties finish around 22:45; afterwards people either stay in smaller groups on the streets or head to one of the official venues for many after-parties (e.g. Rust)

Vesterbro, the other (west) part of Copenhagen is hosting Friday street happenings with official after-parties at the famous Copenhagen meatpacking district (Kødbyen).

Saturday is reserved for the Final party, mostly located at a special place outside of the strict center area – in 2012 that was Refshaleøen, an island in Copenhagen’s harbor.

Sunday’s hygge is a chance to experience well known Danish hygge atmosphere, when you spend time with your friends feeling cosy and relaxed.

A 5-day “moving festival” is everything else but standard: 666 rave-bus, 30 seconds rave, rooftop fun and windows sitting are just some among many moments that make Distortion provocative and wild.  

Danes definitely know how to party!


Travel tip shared by Mia from AlwaysGoLocal