Discovering the Strong Regional Cultures of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Discovering the Strong Regional Cultures of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Lined with natural scenery, white-sand beaches and a jagged coastline lies Germany's must-see destination of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The region, located in northeastern Germany, borders the Baltic Sea to the north and Poland to the east. While most of the region extends along the sea, the central part of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is traversed by a hilly countryside and green forests.


Not only is the area known for its agriculture, it is full of noticable culture with many museums, stunning architecture and a strong art presence. While many towns within Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are registered UNESCO World Heritage sites, the area is home to many cultural events throughout the year.

Music festivals, art galleries and boutiques are of major influence to the area and during the summer, various open air concerts, operas and festivals attract many tourist from around the world.

To discover the regions art influence and stylish architecture and become immersed in the strong regional cultures, here is a list of places and events to check out.



Wismar and Stralsund

Know for its Hanseatic style, these old towns are filled with beautiful, red brick Gothic churches and houses to transport travelers back to the Middle Ages. The towns are also filled with stepped and tailed gables. Built around a market place, these towns were founded on one of the many lakes or rivers that flow through the region. 


One of the most picturesque places to visit in the town is New Market Square where the Town Hall stands out from the rest with its original 13th Century brick Gothic style. The art influence in Rostock comes in the form of a theater. The Rostock People's Theatre is the largest publically-funded theaters that offers both drama and mustical theater, along with orchestral performances. Rostock is also home to a large university—University of Rostock—with emerging artists joining in the culture that makes this town stand out from the rest.

Upstalsboom Resort and Spa

Located in  Kühlungsborn, the town is located on the Baltic Sea. It is a popular relaxation spot long known as a spa town. Kühlungsborn boasts an elongated beach and promenade.  Upstalsboom Resort and Spa is a seaside resort offering plush standard rooms with a view of the sea along with many other ammenties to suit personal needs. The spa offers different services and includes features such as a pool, sauna and a relaxation room to rest.



RomanticHeart'n Festival

This three-day art festival is made up of different shows, plays, poetry readings and art installations. The festival was created with German Romanticism influences and brings attendees back to the enchanted era of the 19th Century.

Rostock Art Gallery

The contemporary art gallery located in Rostock has ever-changing exhibitions from paintings and sketches to photography and digital art throughout the year. Not only is it of national importance, the gallery is a notable cultural museum in the region.

Rostock Art Night

The annual event takes place throughout Rostock when 40 facilities—offices, shops, galleries and restaurants among others—open their doors to the public for a one night for attendee to experience art in a wide variety. The event offers many different artisitc genres ad attendees walk around the town and experience Art Night.


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