Discover the Magic of Portugal, on Alqueva Lake

Discover the Magic of Portugal, on Alqueva Lake

Portugal is a very popular tourist destination. This is due to the continual emergence of new, attractive destinations, great affordable offers and the importance that tourism is given to boost the country's economy.

The Amieira Marina, in the Alentejo region, has emerged in the recent past as a popular destination. The region receives 300 days of sunshine a year, and is easy to get to from both Lisbon and Faro airports, where the distance is very similar-more or less 2 hours of driving.

During the trip you can see the beauty of the Alentejo landscape, with its beautiful never ending plains.

If you read on, you will gain a taste of what to expect from a trip there.


When to Visit Alentejo

We suggest visiting between March and October, when the weather is nice.


Amieira Marina

When arriving at Amieira Marina, the tourist faces an idyllic scenario: nature, tranquility and the largest artificial lake of Europe, which you are able to freely navigate.

Yes, you are the captain of your boat, you dictate the rules. How? Simple, you don’t even need a driving license.You command your boat, with all the time in the world, oblivious of everything, leaving everything behind.


The Houseboat

The houseboat is equipped with the essentials for your stay: bed, bathroom, kitchen and living room, as well as the outer space, making it the perfect home away from home, with capacity of up to 12 people.


The Alqueva Lake

The Alqueva Lake has  an area of 250 km², where you have 150 km’s of navigable routes, and 10 villages along the coast to discover the fantastic Portuguese gastronomy, as well as its renowned wine. You can choose to walk through each village and discover its nooks and history, or you can stay by the lake, just enjoying the peace and quiet that it provides.


Adventure Activities

If you are more adventurous, there are several activities to keep you busy, from cycling or a horse-riding, to canoeing or jet skiing, and much more. Later you can return to the tranquility of the houseboat and simply bask in the sun on the calm waters of Lake Alqueva.

Sharing this experience with family or friends, will certainly provide an unforgettable experience and make you want to revisit this magical place.


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