Dining like being at Mount Athos!

Dining like being at Mount Athos!

Lately, in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, I had the chance to visit an alternative space in which visitors can find products from the monasteries of Mount Athos! It is called Agioritiki Paradosi (Mount Athos Tradition).

Upon entering, we were greeted with a glass of raki (alcohol) produced in Mount Athos by the monks. Then we wandered to the halls of the multiplex and see many products produced in Mount Athos.

A special room was dedicated to the wines from Mount Athos, while a large collection of religious icons impressed us!

Going upstairs, we had the experience of a monastic meal, in a suitably shaped space! We tasted plates served in the same utensils monks use, made with products and recipes from Mount Athos and we drunk wine produced in the monasteries!

It was a unique experience that I recommend to  every visitor of Thessaloniki!


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