Different Types of Work Visas for the USA

Different Types of Work Visas for the USA

There are a number of foreign nationals with the desire to work in the United States.

Employment in the United States can lead to an individual acquiring a green card, regardless of the fact that when a foreigner obtains work in the United States it is typically on a temporary basis. A green card is what is needed in order to obtain permanent United States residency.

There are a number of different types of work visas and nonimmigrant visas that individuals are able to obtain.


Different Types of Work Visas for the USA


Many individuals come to the United States with a non-immigrant visa. Any individual that does this is required to leave the country by the date of expiration of their visa. The only time that they can legally remain in the country is if they have applied to extend the visa. There are also a number of work visas available that allow foreigners to come into the United States in order to work for a certain employer.



This visa is one of the most popular types of visas. In order for an individual to obtain one, they must have been offered employment by an employer in the United States. The job that has been offered also has to be within the specialty of the individual. This typically means that the individual is going to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in order to complete the job at hand. The employer is required to sponsor the individual trying to obtain an H-1B visa through the USCIS by filing an I-129 petition. The H-1B visa is in high demand. For this reason, a work visa lawyer is critical to assist you with the process.



Employees that work for a foreign company that is in some way affiliated with a company in the U.S. can obtain the L-1 visa. These employees get transferred from the branch located in a foreign company to a branch in the United States or to establish an office of an existing company in the United States. Either way, the individual is required to have worked for an affiliate in a foreign country for at least one year within a three-year timeframe immediately before they come into the United States. This visa is also divided into separate categories and the application has to be made using an I-129 petition filed by the employer that is located in the United States.



Aliens that have extraordinary abilities and want to come into the United States to practice their specialty qualify for this type of visa. In order to obtain one, an individual must have been offered employment by an employer in the United States. They also have to provide proof that they are extraordinary in their field. In order to provide this proof, there are three out of six requirements that must be met.