A Different Side of Athens

A Different Side of Athens

When someone talks about Athens, the capital of Greece, what immediately comes to mind is the Parthenon, Constitution Square, or the Acropolis!

But that's not all that Athens is. It’s a huge busy city with endless different faces that one needs to explore and discover!

One of these different sides of Athens can be found downtown, near Psiri and Monastiraki. These sections of the city are becoming more and more popular to visitors, as they still have vivid marks of the past in their structures and architecture.  In other words, they allow visitors a glimpse of what Athens used to be before it became the large busy and noisy city that it is today!


I had my own chance a few days ago to stroll around the historical center of the city, enjoy its unique beauty and take endless pictures of its beautiful corners. I started out exploring the large and famous Panepistimiou Street on foot, went around Klathmonos Square, walked along Psiri and Monastiraki and discovered a busy and crowded Athens that offers so much variety!

I made a coffee stop at the Heroes Square of Psiri, a place that more and more tourists are discovering lately and while I was enjoying the morning sun I couldn’t help but think how peaceful and refreshing it can be to enjoy a cup of coffee at a small traditional square while being just a breath away from downtown.

I carried along on foot, checking out the graffiti art on the walls, the small stores at the endless narrow streets and ended up to Monastiraki. Right at the heart of Athens, the narrow streets of Monastiraki are always busy and full of life. This is the major flea market of Athens, famous for the treasures one can find! Crowded and busy like a hive, it offered yet another view, so vivid and different from the Athens that we see featured in tourist brochures.

Yet its charm and beauty were equally unique!