A Different Montenegro Experience

A Different Montenegro Experience

If you are tired to spend the whole vacation on the beach, sunbathing and relaxing from work, I suggest you to visit the northern area of Montenegro.

Montenegro is a small country in the Mediterranean area, famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful wild nature and great food


During the last couple of years, awareness of this destination increased and lot of travellers  from all around Europe and the world are coming to visit the country. Travellers mainly head to the coastal area, in order to spend their summer holiday in towns, from where they have access to the sea and a good night-life.

Northern Montenegro has a lot more to offer!

On the other side, there are travellers that would like to spend their vacation in a different way. From the coast to the north you need a couple of hours by car. The northern area offers a lot of different activities like hiking, biking, rafting on the Tara river, which is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Roads towards the north have been reconstructed in the last years and they are now in a good condition. So travellers can easily choose between these activities. 

Visitors can also go towards the town of Plužine, a small town close to the boarder with Bosnia and with great views onto the Piva Lake, the biggest basin of pure drinking water in Europe. You will be surprised how good the trout is, which is fished directly from the lake. Close to the city there is also a hydroelectric central.

There's a family in the area, named Vukovi?. They own a tavern called Zvono where you can relax and stay or enjoy an old Slavic alcoholic drink made from honey (medovina), which is produced by this family locally. You can listen to some good jazz, blues and rock, which is rare in this area. They can easily organise several activities for visitors anytime. 

So if you decide to visit Montenegro, make sure you visit these places and find the different Montenegro!