Delicious meals and drinks to recommend in Ogliastra, Sardinia, Italy

Delicious meals and drinks to recommend in Ogliastra, Sardinia, Italy

"Culurgionis", stricly hand made bit filled pastas, with local variations in every village, are delicious big kind of ravioli, filled with mash potatoes, aromas and several kind of local cheese.

Pecorino cheese is very good, as in many parts of the island, and its quality benefits from the proximity of the mountains.

Roasted meat is a "must", as everywhere in Sardinia, especially suckling pig, lamb, goat and sheep.

The valley of Ogliastra produced also a wide range of delicious fruits, thanks to the volcanic soil and the cool influence of the Supramonte (watermelons, oranges...).

Fish arrives from the harbour of Arbatax, where local fishermen cooperatives grow also the famous "Bottarega" (fish eggs smoked and aged).

The red wine "Cannonau" is the flagship of the area, as the best Italian expression of this variety (aka Grenache in France and Garnatcha in Spain) grows in Ogliastra. It is consumed as normal red wine, or, recalling some Spanish heritage, served by the local chilled with cutted slices of peach in it; a sort of Sangria.

Pubs and bars are mostly located in the coastal villages and near resorts, especially in the area around Tortoli and Arbatax.

Some nice places to eat are:
"La Peschiera" in Arbatax, the fishermen coop serves only fresh fish of the day, very rustical stay, in an open air restaurant inside of the fishing lagoon.

"Cooperativa Goloritze", in the mountains around the village of Baunei, in the hearth of the natural park, serves great roasted meat and handmade Culurgionis.

"Da Lenin" is a popular restaurant in Tortoli, modern style, with good selection of fish.

Insider travel tip:
If you are lucky enough to be invited by locals to so called "Spuntino" (little snack), you will spend your whole day eating, drinking and making party with them; it's a great local tradition. Spuntino can be held in somebody's house, on the beach (by day and/or night), or in a kind of picnic way.

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