Delicious Bahamian Food Under the Bridge

Delicious Bahamian Food Under the Bridge

Everyone knows one of the greatest aspects of travel is the food.

Experimenting with different dishes specific to a local culture can give you a much more authentic experience than dining out at an over priced, tourist attracting, restaurant. 

Without a doubt the best place to taste the flavors of the Bahamas in Nassau is underneath the bridge that links Nassau and Paradise Island. Otherwise known as the bridge to Atlantis. Quite literally underneath said bridge is a strip of colorful shacks, all serving fresh local dishes.


The Bahamas are best known for Conch. Under the bridge you will find the freshest and most delicious conch salad, conch chowder, and conch fritters. Mackenzie's is my personal favorite as you can watch the Bahamian chef literally pull the conch from the shell, chop it up, and mix it into a salad for you. Not to mention the gaggle of locals playing dominos on the picnic table right outside.

In addition to this being the best place to score authentic and delicious Bahamian food, it is also most likely the cheapest meal you will get on the island. The Bahamas are very expensive for tourists but a fresh seafood meal under the bridge will cost you between $5 and $20, depending on how much you order.

You can also score fresh caught seafood from local fishermen if you are looking to cook a meal yourself, assuming you have a grill or kitchen to do so in.


Lastly, if your travels do not take you under the bridge (or even if they do), the other hot spot is The Fish Fry. Located about a mile from downtown Nassau, the fish fry is a walkway of waterfront restaurants all boasting the freshest and best tasting seafood on the island. While the fish fry is a bit pricier than the huts under the bridge, it is definitely a must do while in Nassau. Much like Little Italy in NYC or Rome itself, the Fish Fry employs sidewalk solicitors that will try and get you to eat at their restaurant.

Oh Andros is without a doubt the best restaurant at the Fish Fry. Not only is it always packed, but it is always packed with Bahamians- you know its good when all the locals are eating there. Plus it is fairly inexpensive in comparison to the other restaurants and the portions are absolutley enormous. I'm talking one meal to feed 3-4 people.


Wherever you decide to go, don't forget to order a Kalik or Sands (Bahamian beers) to wash it all down!


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