A Day of Fun Winter Adventures in Ljubljana

A Day of Fun Winter Adventures in Ljubljana

I visited Ljubljana in January and discovered how easy it was to fill my days with adventures, culture and music with Ljubljana as my base. Come alog for a day of fun winter adventures in Ljubljana!

My plan was to start the day with some outdoors winter activity and from Ljubljana it was so easy to get to one of the many ski resorts located just a short drive from the city centre. Even though the weather was a bit misty I packed my bag and went to Krvavec Ski Resort only a short 25 kilometers drive away.

At Krvavec there was a lot of fun outdoors things to try besides the ski slopes which was perfect for downhill skiing. First I went for a snowshoe walk up the hill in the middle of the resort before I tried something I've never done before, snowbiking. At first I imagined it would be a bike with wheels but as I was presented the snowbike I realised it had skis instead of wheels. Keeping my balance on the snowbike was at first a bit tricky but it was easy as soon as I got some training.

After some hours with snow related activity I went to visit the Bled lake to look at the beautiful church on the Bled Lake island and visit the Bled castle overlooking the area. Even on a misty day the lake was beautiful and quite mysterious and the castle had so much history. I even got to observe a fully functionable reconstructed Gutenberg's printing machine held in the castle.  

I headed back to Ljubljana to get ready for one more highlight for the day, to attend a series of concerts at the MENT festival. Ment is an international conference  and music festival who focuses on the music industry and creativity. The festival held in ceveral different locations in Ljubljana and during the 3 festival days there are over 50 concerts presenting the new and upcomming bands in Europe. Recommended for everybody who enjoys discovering new music and bands! 

After a day filled with outdoors activity, culture and a fun music festival i headed back to Hotel Lev for a good nights sleep and to charge all my batteries. The day after was just as filled with fun adventures as this one :)


Travel Tip shared by Janicke for Travel Dudes.