Cycling Laos: A Paradise of Southeast Asia

Cycling Laos: A Paradise of Southeast Asia

Laos is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia.
It is surrounded by countries from all sides. It remained isolated from the rest of the world for many years, but now tourism is fast growing in the country.
It is incredibly beautiful and offers numerous tour experiences for travelers. The Lao food is really delicious and awesome. Those who love experiencing a slow pace of life can surely visit this country. As Laos is a landlocked country, it is a favorite destination for bikers. The mountainous routes offer biking and cycling rides to adventurous travelers.

Vientiane to Luang Prabang: The Entire Cycling Route

This is the most popular route for bike riders. This route helps travelers get to know the laid back lifestyle of the local people. Most travel agencies offer cycle trips along this route. The first few days of the trip are quite boring as you travel within Vientiane.  But the real adventure starts after visiting Van Vieng. Here the hills start rolling and the slopes are quite steep. By the time the trip ends in Luang Prabang, bike riders have gotten the real essence of cycling. As UNESCO declares this city a World heritage Site, most travelers like to visit this place. Cycling also helps tourists explore the local villages. There are many accommodation facilities in this town. The natural beauty of this city is really outstanding.

Vientiane to Van Vieng

On this route travelers visit villages, markets, and heritage sites as they cycle. Biking and cycling are the best ways to interact with the local people and get to know the lifestyle of local inhabitants. Vientiane is the capital of the country and it is one of the more relaxing places. Travelers can stay in one of the luxury hotels here if they wish. They can also have breakfast in the markets, famous for local Lao food. The local food in Laos is quite cheap yet very tasty. The road from Vientiane to Van Vieng is quite flat, but very good for bike riding. There are rice fields on both sides of the roads. Bike riders can park their cycles on the side of the roads and go exploring in the rice fields and villages.
Travelers can stay for one or two days in Thinkeo and Thong Deng. Both of these places have many guest houses and hotels that offer accommodation facilities. Most of the hotels have facilities to keep cycles in the rooms or at special places outside the hotels.

Van Vieng to Luang Prabang

After coming to Van Vieng, bike riders travel to Kasi, then to Kiukacham and finally to Luang Prabang. This route is really wonderful. The mountains and the natural scenic beauty are what attract most travelers. There are several downhill stretches where cycling can be done easily. Travelers can visit the hot springs for refreshment. They can also choose to stay overnight at the guest houses. At last, when the cycle trip ends in Luang Prabang, tourists can explore the entire city and visit all the reputed heritage sites of this city.
Thus, cycling is one of the favorite outdoor activities for most adventure lovers. There are many tour agencies that offer cycling trips within Laos. Before going for a cycle ride, travelers should take the necessary things along with them to get the real feel of traveling.