Cycling Holidays in Italy

Cycling Holidays in Italy

Cycling is a great European pursuit and wherever you go on the continent you will see groups of cyclists mounting tremendous slopes on their road bikes.

If you are an experienced cyclists, or want to boost your skills, this may be a great way to spice up your holidays in Italy. 


One of the best places to do such a tour is up north near Lake Garda.


If you are interested in taking a multi-day trip, consider heading from Lake Garda all the way to Milan - this will take around seven days and take you past some of Italy’s most beautiful sights.

One of your first stops will be Bergamo, a beautiful town at the foot of the Alps known for its quiet winding streets, churches and cafes. The tour will also stop in Lake Como, one of Italy’s finest lakes: take a boat trip on the lake or head up to some of the nearby peaks on the furnicular. While you bike this route you will be constantly treated to beautiful, peaceful scenery broken up by the stunning peaks of the Alp.


This is an incredible place to go on a biking holiday, especially as it culminates in the buzzing metropolis of Milan.



If you do choose to come here for some biking, either on the above route or any other, there are some precautions you should take:

- First of all, Italy is a very hilly country so be sure to come in good shape and be prepared to do some significant climbs.

- Also you need to be conscious of local customs: you will stop in many small towns where people have very little command of English, so pick up some Italian or grab a language guide.

- Also be wary on the roads: many Italian drivers are convinced that the words road and racecourse are synonymious, so watch out for cars speeding around corners at breakneck speed.



Given Italy’s gorgeous scenery, it is one of the finest places in the world to go for a cycling holiday: the route from Lake Garda to Milan is a great start, though there are many different options out there.


Be sure to find a local provider who can take you on a fun, well-planned tour.