Cycling along the Jutland Coast in Northern Denmark

Cycling along the Jutland Coast in Northern Denmark

Bicycle trips along the coast!

If you like cycling then Northern Jutland (Denmark) is a good place for that. This is also known by the  Norwegians.

So every weekend in the summer the Norvegians come by ferry to Hirtzhals and then they cycle from there to Skagen where they stay for one night and then cycle back the next day. Most of them come in groups and they are quickly recognized because the travel in team colours. The numbers can reach thousand and more.


The ferry company give an early warning to tourist information places which then inform the shop, pub and restaurant owners so that they have enough food and drinks in stock. They often offer more than that. So some places have live music and extra offers.  

It is a relaxing bike trip from Hirtzhals to Skagen and always next to the dunes or through some nice field and forest areas.

Especially nice is the destination Skagen because it has a very special atmosphere with some good places of interest like the harbour, the lighthouse and the most northerly point of Denmark where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea, Grenen.

There you can stand in the water with one leg in the North Sea and with the other one in the Baltic Sea.