Cusco - Tastes from Home - especially yummy for long term travelers!

Cusco - Tastes from Home - especially yummy for long term travelers!

Let’s face it, whether we admit it or not when we spend long times away from home we all begin to miss foods from home. 

The cravings can become overwhelming and lead many travelers directly into the welcoming arms of MacDonald’s restaurants strategically speckled all over the tourism world.  When travelers arrive to the tourist Mecca of Cusco, Peru they are treated with a wealth of choices to satisfy their cravings for tastes from home.


Real McCoy

The Real McCoy pub and restaurant sits just off the Cusco’s main Plaza de Armas on the second floor above Calle Saphi.  This place is a sight for sore eyes for incoming visitors, especially those coming from England and Australia.  The bean bag chair lined restaurant serves and all day “English Breakfast” fitted with bangers, chips, eggs done the way you like them, bacon, beans, and fried tomatoes; and if you can finish this plate you’ll be sure to impress.  The Aussies who visit will be greeted by the welcoming smile of veggiemite and toast, although everyone else in the bar will definitely to be confused by the shrieks of happiness triggered by this vile yeast spread. 

The Real McCoy is also a hub for “foreign locals,” foreigners working and living in Cusco volunteering, teaching English, or learning Spanish.  Every single Monday and Wednesday night there is a familiar gathering for 2 for 4 dollar cocktails and trivia.  If nothing else, this is a great night for single travelers to jump in and make some new friends.  Also, The Real McCoy is fitted with WiFi internet, so if you have one, bring your laptop with you.


Jack’s Cafe

Jack’s Cafe sits about three blocks north of the Plaza on the way to the San Blas Plaza.  This is the place in Cusco for a big breakfast after a night of indulgence in Cusco’s wild nightlife.  Breakfast is served all day, and stretches in choice from the Mexican classic of “Huevos Rancheros” to a typical North American breakfast.  And, like The Real McCoy’s, half the fun is trying to see if you can possible finish the huge portions.


Paddy’s Irish Pub

Paddy’s Irish Pub claims to be the world’s highest Irish pub.  Its location is absolutely perfect, and impossible to miss, as it hangs above the North-West corner of Cusco’s Plaza de Armas.  Although the pub can be cramped at times, if you can get a table, you are guaranteed to enjoy the food.  Options for eating include everything from incredible Cheeseburgers to properly assembled Sheppard’s Pie.  The bar staff here are very friendly, and you will have no problem losing track of time in this pub chatting away over a couple pints of thick Guinness.



This restaurant, which hides itself in a lonely corner on Cusco’s “Gringo Alley,” serves up traditional Indian and Thai foods.  So if you are feeling in the mood for a hot dish of curry, this is the place to go.  The curries are spiced to your content as they will ask you how spicy you like it on a scale of one to five.  Before, during, or after your meal you can also indulge yourselves with a traditional Middle Eastern Hookah.  The tobacco is imported directly from India and ranges in flavour from blackberry to mint.


The Wall – Sushi

It seems strange to eat sushi at 3400 meters above sea level, but this place will definitely fill the gap in your culinary soul reserved for sushi.  Located on the same street as The Real McCoy, this place is probably the one true hidden gem in the city.  The rolls on the menu feature the traditional classics such as spicy tuna, but also include local variations including sushi rolls filled with trout and kingfish fished from the nearby Lake Titicaca.


This Post was Written and Photographed by Brendan van Son of “The World is my Jungle Gym”