Crossing continents by ferry in Istanbul

Crossing continents by ferry in Istanbul

Unique Istanbul liners, sea-buses, or mid-sized private ferries travel between the European and Asian sides of the city.

The crossing takes about 20 minutes and costs 1.40 YTL, and gives great views of the Bosphorous.

Be aware that sometimes the ferry when arriving at a dock can bounce off the pier accidentally, even on calm days. This can cause people to fall over if they are standing up, so it is advisable to remain seated until the ferry has come to an absolute stop.

In Istanbul, liners from any given quay generally take only a certain route, and these quays are signposted ‘X Iskelesi’ (“X Quay”). For instance, Eminönü alone has more than 5 quays (including the ones used by other ferries apart from liners), so if you should head for, say, Üsküdar, you should take the ferry which departs from ‘Üsküdar Iskelesi’. Replace ‘Üsküdar’ with the destination of your choice.

Istanbul liners travel on the following routes:

- Karaköy - Haydarpa?a - Kad?köy

- Kad?köy - Eminönü

- Üsküdar - Eminönü

- Üsküdar - Karaköy - Eminönü - Eyüp (The Golden Horn Route)

- Kad?köy - Besikta?

- Kabatas - Uskudar - Harem

- Istinye - Emirgan - Kanl?ca - Anadolu Hisar? - Kandilli - Bebek - Arnavutköy - Çengelköy (The Whole Bosphorus Route)

- Anadolu Kava?? - Rumeli Kava?? - Sariyer

- Eminönü - Kavaklar (Special Bosphorus Tour-Recommended For Tourists)

- Sirkeci - Adalar - Yalova - C?narc?k (The Princes' Islands Route)

Furthermore, the sea-buses follow the same (or more) routes, please visit the link above for extra information.

Four main private ferry routes for travelling between Asia and Europe sides are:

- Besikta? - Üsküdar

- Kabata? - Üsküdar (close to tram and funicular system in Kabata?)

- Eminönü - Üsküdar (close to tram in Eminönü)

- Eminönü - Kad?köy (close to tram in Eminönü)

Very useful are the fast ferryboats (travelling at 55 kilometers) running from several points, such as the Yenikapi - Yalova one, that allows you (with a connecting bus in Yalova) to be in Bursa centre in less than three hours. Prices are marginally higher and the gain in time is considerable, though the view is not as nice.

All of the ferries, including private ones, can be paid by AKBIL system.

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