Crazy Loony Dook in Edinburgh, Scotland! Do NOT Tell Me That Scots Are NOT Crazy!

Crazy Loony Dook in Edinburgh, Scotland! Do NOT Tell Me That Scots Are NOT Crazy!

The last year just ended and you've started the New Year with a huge party and many drinks...

What do you do?

I'm sure jumping in freezing water is not on your list and it seems wiser to sleep in and have a really relaxed day?

Wrong... as long you live in Edinburgh or attend one of the biggest New Year's Eve celebrations!


Loony Dook is an event where over 1000 people do just that! They jump into freezing water!

But not just that, they dress up for it in funny costumes and even pay for doing so!

I call that crazy!

Loony Dook means pretty much having a "lunatic dip" and by doing that, the money paid by the attendees gets donated for charity. Nice one! But it all started by finding a way to cure the hangover... Or at least I'm sure that's the only way how to start an event like that, after a successful New Year's Eve celebration. :)

It's absolutely worth visiting this event, even if you want to keep dry. The location is amazing and worth the 20 minute ride from Edinburgh city centre. South Queensferry is a cozy and sleepy (not on that day) village and lies just in between the world famous Forth Bridge and the Forth Road Bridge at the River Forth.


Be there an hour earlier as there will be a lot of spectators watching the craziness. If you are there like 1 hour earlier, you should have time to grab a tea or coffee to go and choose between a spot to either watch the parade or where the crazy folks go for a swim.

Spot out a few swimmers before and try to find them afterwards again and see the difference. Probably they will have a big smile in their face and be shivering with their whole body. The water is cold! I haven't checked it, but I've seen the swimmers coming out! But the adrenaline won't do them any damage or at least not right away.

In the water itself are also rescue swimmers, wearing life suits, to protect them from the cold water. Those will make sure that people don't stay too long in the water.

It's a fun event and drives people from all over the world to be part of. Sure, with each year it will get more commercial, but that shouldn't stop you to shiver yourself away in the freezing cold water of the River Forth.

Edinburgh got many events to offer and things to do during Hogmanay (New Year's Eve celebrations), but also in general. My tip is to come along and experience the city of Edinburgh yourself and let us know how you liked it.

Enjoy Edinburgh, Hogmanay and Loony Dook!


Travel tip shared by Melvin