The Coziest Places to Stay in Sydney

The Coziest Places to Stay in Sydney

Any serious traveler will tell you that having a cozy place to stay, is an essential part of any trip. It will become your own home away from home!

After a journey to the famed white sails of Sydney Harbor at the far corner of the globe, a comfy room becomes more than just a necessity.

Seeing how Sydney offers more sights and adventures than any other place in Australia, it can also offer some truly remarkable accommodation options that will make your stay in Sydney a cozy experience.


Where to Stay in Sydney

Darling Harbor – Center Stage Luxury

If you are looking to be in the center of Sydney’s spectacular nightlife, there is no better place to stay in than Darling Harbor. Its modern, charming hotels offer a range of luxury accommodation options with a view of Cockle Bay, and pretty much all the entertainment is just a few steps away. All the greats from the hotel industry are there, and after a hard day’s night partying, a comfy bed in a high-quality designed room will be more than just a sight for sore eyes!


The Rocks – A Completely Different Youth Experience

Overlooking Sydney Harbor, and situated in the cultural and historic heart of the city is the Rocks district. Nestled among the picturesque streets dotted by galleries and museums that tell the story of Sydney’s past, is Sydney Harbor YHA. A cheaper alternative to high-end hotels, it is a youth hostel completely different than what you might expect. A stunning view of the harbor, an underground scene, numerous sights within walking distance, along with great public transport, make it an ideal base from where to head into your exploration of Sydney.


Surry Hills – Sharing Your Comfort

Sydney’s Surry Hills offer a real village feel in a truly urban setting. This down-to-earth part of the city has a laid back atmosphere with snug pubs, timid shops, and slow farmer's market, and is the ideal place to share accommodation and save up some money. From contemporary lofts, to duplex apartments and smaller houses, this approach to hospitality lets you get a feel for what it means to live in Sydney just like a local would.


Killarney Heights – A Natural Suburban Shangri-La

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets, this neck of the eucalyptus woods hosts a serene experience and a place to laze during your visit to Sydney. Renting a cottage in this suburban Sydney district provides you with access to numerous parks, a golf course and relaxing atmosphere no other part of the city can match. But all that nature is not without its drawbacks, and you should consider getting around Sydney by bus. Other than that, a fragrant, all-natural appeal of this place is ideal for families who are coming to this great city to unwind.


Each of the districts offers a completely different perspective. Each one can be tailor-booked to match your needs.

But all in all, your hosts in all of them are likely to place your comfort ahead of everything else. So, at the end of the day, regardless of which part of Sydney appeals to you the most, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a place to call home in the largest city on the Seventh Continent.