A corner full of local Bratislava`s tastes - A really local's place!

A corner full of local Bratislava`s tastes - A really local's place!

Wandering through some crowdy as well as hidden Bratislava streets, I had the opportunity to see so many things making my eyes loose their Slovakian virginity.

Many first-time smells & sounds, first-time views & feelings, first-time sensations among a beautiful city with amazing buildings and more things telling the story of a modern-old city, a vestigial city.

Bratislava is a city with a comunist past in the air, giving you a breath of knowledge about it with every step. This city es so incredible that you could picture many things wherever you turn your head. A modern beautiful architectural art lies just beside a dark dirty gray and corroded building...everywhere.

It`s a small enchanted city indeed, which you can walk all over it in a day or two.

It is a totally worth-seeing place on Earth.

It`s location and it`s history has a lot to tell, as it may have a lot in common with some neighbor cities, however each one of them will never be the exact same. The same may happen with culture, with it`s people, it`s food and many more things. Still they`re all differente of course.


Bratislava guided me through an unforgettable day and memories of all types. I will surley keep all of them in my mind forever, but by now I gotta share some particular local taste worth-trying!

Walking around I ran into a cute, small, cozy place which I only discovered and knew it was cozy as I got inside. This place was so local, it didn´t have an actual name on the outside. Funny! It was a small restaurant, with nothing special from the outside, however it called my attention since I was also hungry by that time.

So the combination of both times (my hungry stomach and my passing by in that street) turned out in a really pleasant and tasteful lunch time in some place around Mid-Europe! A totally foreing place to my senses for sure.

We got in, watching a few very small tables inside, with some circular stairs on the back at the right. We headed there since there were a few more tables up in the 2nd floor. As we reached the next level, a small and with very low ceiling room received us, with 6 tables and 4 chairs each, enough space but not more than that. It seemed very colorful thanks to the table clothing.

We just sat down and asked for the most local food we could try. The waiter even told us very kindly to try a Slovakian beverage called VINEA: a soft drink made up of grapes, bubbly like champagne but without alcohol, typical from the northern side of the country. I tell you...really something! Certainly not a common soft drink.


So our menu, which I totally recommend to you readers to try in Slovakia, was this:

"Bryndzové Halušky": small dumplings made of potato dough with sheep cheese and topped with scrambled bacon. Note: 100! (see PIC #1)

"Zbojnica Pochutka": potatoe pancake that is eaten either on its own or filled with meat and vegetables. Also a 100! (see PIC #2)

I hope you enjoy it sometime as much as I did, and this little surprising small place in the very middle of town is really one great taste!


Written and contributed by Mariana Calleja


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