The Coolest Modes of Transportation in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Coolest Modes of Transportation in Ljubljana, Slovenia

There’s a time in your travels when the novelty of walking through the city streets wears thin. Whether you’re spending a long weekend in a new city or a couple of weeks, there’s only so much walking you can do before you start craving some new adventures and new ways to explore the area.

One of the coolest things about exploring Ljubljana, Slovenia is that there’s more than a handful of ways to explore the city. I spent seven days in Slovenia and somehow managed to explore the city in more than just a few ways.


1. Bike your way through Ljubljana

Ljubljana is not a difficult place to bike through and can be explored by bike in just under a day. If you’ve only got a bit of time to explore the city, bicycle is the best way to check out all the sights and sounds quite quickly. You can actually get from one side of the city to the other in about 10 - 15 minutes.

While I had a week to explore the city, there were a couple tours where we decided to explore a little outside of the cities centre to find the best cuisine and spots for relaxation. For example, the Ljubljana Tourism office offers an Exploring Ljubljana by Bicycle Tour which takes you in a circle route to ride around the perimeter of the city centre. Along the way we stopped by the Botanic Garden, Tivoli Park and the beautiful Spica riverside embarkment.

If you’re looking for more inspiration as to why you should try exploring Ljubljana by bike, take a look at my experience.


2. SUP your way through Ljubljana

SUP’ing is a simple abbreviation for the new term ‘stand up paddle boarding’. Who wouldn’t want to stand up paddle board their way through a beautiful city like Ljubljana? Fortunately for me, there is a new tour offered by Bananaway Tours to explore the Ljubljanica River that runs through the city centre by paddle board.

If you’re in search of something unique to do in the city, stand up paddle boarding in a river that runs through a city centre has certainly not been done before. Ljubljana is one of the first capitals in the world to offer such an experience.

Want to learn more about what it was like to SUP along the Ljubljanica River in Ljubljana? Take a look at my most reason post: Why SUP’ing is the Coolest Way to Explore Ljubljana.  


3. Kayak your way through Ljubljana  

Following the same river as the stand up paddle board tours, Ljubljana offers some of the coolest kayak tours from the outskirts of town right into the city centre. Ljubljana has changed the way one can kayak and instead of cruising for enjoyment, you can actually rent a kayak or hop on a tour to get from point A to point B. Best of both worlds. Imagine doing that everyday on your way to work. While I kayaked for just a couple of hours, there’s ample opportunity to carry on paddling as the Ljubljanica River runs into the Sara River.

Want to know how exactly you can experience Ljubljana by kayak? Yep. You betcha, I wrote about it here too.


4. Golf cart your way through Ljubljana

No you can’t actually rent a golf cart and explore the city on your own (or perhaps you can, I just am not aware of it yet), but you can hop on an electric car (golf cart like vehicle) and get a free ride to wherever you’d like to be dropped off within the city centre.

The city of Ljubljana, the local bus company and the tourism board all came together to create a program which offers travellers, locals and the mobile impaired an opportunity to get around at ease. The drivers of these Kavalirs (it’s another way of saying gentle helper) operate between 8:00am and 8:00pm all year long and also accept pickup and drop off’s by telephone.


5. Segway your way through Ljubljana

If you haven’t tried segwaying before, Ljubljana is definitely the place to start. There is only foot traffic going through the cities centre so you’ll have no worries about getting run over by an oncoming vehicle. You might have to watch out for the Kavalir’s that drive 25 kilometres an hour, but that’s about it.

Ljubljana offers guided segway tours around the city centre visiting the river’s edge and scooting through Tivoli Park along the way.

Learning isn’t hard to do, so within a couple minutes you’ll have forgotten about falling flat on your face and you’ll start enjoying the beautiful city by segway. What’s not to love about that?


So there you have it, more than a handful of ways to explore the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Are there any other modes of transportation that you’d add to the list?

If you’re planning on exploring the city soon, don’t forget to check out Castle Hill, try some of the delicious local craft beer, check out your talent caving through one of 10,000 caves around the country and embrace the taste of Ljubljana.


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