Cool Cruise Experiences in the World

Cool Cruise Experiences in the World

A keen traveller can find many wondrous experiences around the world. There are so many things to do, so much to discover right from viewing the majestic Alps from a high altitude snowy mountain peak to exploring the indigenous and mesmerising ocean life.

Usually visitors opt for holiday packages that are visits of countries by road or rail where you explore different cities and stay in hotels and resorts. If you are an ardent traveller looking out for different experiences and adventures, deviate from the usual normal holiday packages and opt for an adventure cruise holiday with which you can discover a new realm of unique travel experiences.

Whether you choose a luxury cruise holiday or a small boat expedition, the unique experience will be an unforgettable memory for you. Step onboard and explore different destinations from an extra ordinary  point of view.


Check out these selection of cruise adventures to guide you when you plan your next vacation:

  • Amazon Cruise, Brazil

South America is a nature's bounty and you can discover unrivalled treasures of beautiful landscapes, pristine water bodies and enchanting wilderness. If you are fascinated to embark on an extra ordinary adventure journey, head to Brazil for an Amazon cruise which will take you through the rainforest of Amazon river. The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world and a treasure trove of nature's exotic flora and fauna, and unique wildlife. Cruise down the Amazon to view it's astounding natural wonders and make stops to venture into the forest to explore the wilderness. For a nature lover, the experience is an ultimate dream come true moment.


  • Alaskan Cruise

A beautiful destination filled with pristine natural sceneries and rugged wilderness, Alaska beguiles you with its enchanting vistas. Discover this beautiful destination with a cruise vacation and enjoy a voyage through stunning glacier formations, snowy peaks and icy fjords. Experience the change in scenario from icy blue hues to subtle shades of green as you reach the verdant forests at the shore and come across distinct wildlife. Disembark in beautiful sites and explore the unique wilderness. You can spot a grizzly bear at Denali National Park, go whale watching at Glacier Bay National Park, and view different wildlife such as eagles, exotic birds, seals and sea lions. An Alaskan cruise journey takes you to perfect settings for cherishing wildlife and take wilderness photo stops.  


  • Norway Fjord Cruise

There is no place on earth that truly matches the astounding beauty of a Norwegian fjords. A sojourn on the beautiful Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord will leave you awestruck at its natural beauty. Gliding on  tranquil waters through narrow valleys surrounded by steep verdant mountain cliffs dotted with scenic waterfalls, a Norway cruise journey is a classic choice for nature lovers and will certainly leave you mesmerised. Along the journey, visit the picturesque towns of Bergen, Stavanger and Alesund to explore the Nordic landmarks, medical castles, cathedrals and quaint towns.


  • Galapagos Island Cruise

The charming cluster of islands set away from the coast of Ecuador is one of the most pristine places in the world and perhaps the best destination for wildlife exploration. Discover natural treasures of these islands with a cruise voyage that lets you witness incredible rare wilderness and come up close to them with many adventure activities. Snorkel around an assortment of colourful species of fishes, go deep sea diving or scuba diving and explore the enigmatic ocean life, bask in the Latin sun along with sea lions, turtles and penguins. A cruise vacation to this secluded haven lets you experience tranquility and untouched nature surrounds.


  • Antarctica Cruise

A bewitching once in a life time experience, a voyage on the icy waters of Antarctic is a journey you will never forget. The white continent takes you to a world unlike anywhere else in the world. The frozen icy landscapes provide an ethereal ambience that lets you feel refined solitude. Cruise down the unpredictable waterways meandering through icebergs of different shapes and sizes and get to view whales, seals and penguins in their genuine habitats. If you are geared up for extreme adventures, get ready for kayaking sessions on the ice cold waters and spend the night under millions of star studded sky on the icy shores of Antarctica.


  • Milford Sound Cruise, New Zealand

Set on the west coast of South Island in New Zealand, Milford Sound is an astoundingly beautiful nature haven. A picture perfect sight of pristine blue lake set with a backdrop of spectacular mountains appeals any visitor to New Zealand. Revel in this sublime nature attraction as you sail down on a cruise which gets more stunning on a night cruise as the ambience turns enamouring in the moonlight. For adventure travellers, head out into the waters and enjoy kayaking or diving experiences.


  • Mediterranean cruises

The Mediterranean coastline is lined up with world renowned towns and historic sites. A Mediterranean cruise takes you through  some of Europe’s amazing destinations. Teemed with unspoilt beaches, medieval  historic ruins, laid back colourful towns and lip smacking cuisine variations, the Mediterranean regions of Europe is one of the distinct group of places that pleases everyone who visits them. Choose your ideal Mediterranean cruise covering your preferred places in the itinerary from a range of cruise deals and explore colourful  Italian coast towns, the beautiful cities of Greece, the architectural marvels and beaches of Spain and the charming Riviera of France.


Whether you are looking for a family time together, an escapade from daily life or rekindle your romance with your beloved, a cruise vacation gives you ample selection to explore places from the most amazing perspective and offers enriching experiences of scenic vistas.