Coast to Coast in North England: C2C Cycle Route

Coast to Coast in North England: C2C Cycle Route

The C2C Cycle Route sometimes referred to as the coast to coast cycle challenge is a must for long distance cyclists looking for an exciting cycling holiday in England.

The route is about 140 miles in length, meaning you will need some good experience before tackling it, but if you are able to take on such a challenge then this is perfect for the avid cyclist!


Top Tips for the C2C

  1. Take your time and pace yourself, as the journey is long and you'll want to enjoy it as much as possible. Therefore, take your time to enjoy the beautiful views of Cumbria and the rest of Northern England. There are some gorgeous views that are breathtaking!
  2. Be sure to stop off at plenty of local pubs and bakeries. Enjoying a well deserved cold pint of beer or ale and a treat served from one of the local shops is just what you need after a day of cycling.
  3. It is tradition to dip your wheel into the sea at Cumbria before setting off on your journey and then doing likewise on the North East coast when you reach Tynemouth or Sunderland. It just adds to the experience.
  4. Merge the C2C Cycle Route with the Hadrian's Cycle Way. The Hadrian's Wall Cycle Route also follows a similar path - why not merge at some point and enjoy the historic surrounding of the Hadrian's Wall on your epic adventure.


Some Advice

If you decide the C2C is right for you there are some advisories to take note of. Like any long distance cycle trip plan well ahead of your journey and ensure you have the following:

  • A good map - you really don't want to get lost on your holiday.
  • Someone to help on standby if you get into a tricky situation.
  • Enough spare cash to buy those treats mentioned above.
  • Have all your accommodation prebooked. Don't leave accommodation to the last moment.


Celebrate Your Success

Don't forget once you complete the route to fully enjoy your hard work and effort. Give yourself a pat on the back and perhaps a well deserved meal or drink.

Enjoy the route!