Cliff Diving at Ariel's Point, Philippines

Cliff Diving at Ariel's Point, Philippines

Aside from the usual beach bumming activities like taking a paraw around the island and riding in a banana boat, there are other more exciting activities that you can do in Boracay; 

Cliff diving in Ariel's Point, for instance.

Ariel's Point is actually a part of Buruanga, a small fishing town in the province of Aklan. It is about 30 minutes by boat from Boracay and its proximity to the island means that you can include it in your itinerary.


Cliff diving is ideal at Ariel's Point, which faces the Sulu Sea, and has many karst outcropping.

Five diving sites at various heights were built on a clearing at the top of the karst cliff, several with wooden springboards cantilevered to the side of the cliff to give a better clearance to the divers falling onto the water.

The highest jump off point - which has a wooden plank jutting out to the sea - is 15 meters high, the next 8 meters, then 5, and the lowest at 3 meters from the sea level. Stairs were built at the sides of the cliff, going from the base through a cave-like formation to the top, where the huts and the cliff diving boards were located.  


How to Get There

Ariel's Point is located in Buruanga, Aklan, about 30 minutes away by banca ride from Boracay's Station: Tickets, which are on first-come-first-served basis, are purchased at Ariel's House, which is located along White Beach.

Boats leave for Ariel's Point every 11:30 a.m. and go back by 5 p.m.

The day tour package costs PhP 1,500. It includes lunch, afternoon snacks, and unlimited drinks (sodas, bottled water, beer and rum Cokes, both in Ariel's Point and in the boat. The fee also includes use of snorkeling gear and kayak.


So the next time you are visiting the Philippines, be sure to bring a swimsuit and a weatherproof camera.