Cieszyn - The Pit Stop Town between Krakow and Prague

Cieszyn - The Pit Stop Town between Krakow and Prague

This place has it's historical value! 
On the castle hill you can find the oldest recognized romanic-style building in the whole country (Rotunda), Old Town is full of different architecture styles buildings (from the middle ages times to the art nouveau).

Plenty of museums, cultural events, recreation areas and local bars, restaurants, cafeterias will make everyone's stay enjoyable.
It's a perfect place on the way from Krakow to Prague (Prague to Krakow) - that's why it is called "The pit-stop between Krakow and Prague" so often.

Yes - Cieszyn, or Cesky Tesin (if you prefer Czech variation of the town's name) is extremely interesting for history fans - through centuries has been very multicultured and cosmopolitan. Polish, German, Czechs and Jewish, lot of different nations, dozens of different religions.

After the First World War got divided between new countries on the world's map: Poland and Czechoslovakia. Border was placed on the river Olza (or Olse, if you prefer the Czech name).

Cieszyn (Cesky Tesin) stopped being ethnically mixed. Finally, after joining Poland and Czech Republic to the Schengen Deal, official border with hundreds of soldiers was finally removed. Since that time, Cieszyn (Cesky Tesin) has a new fame: "the best pit stop between Krakow and Prague".


Place, where you can easily catch direct bus to Krakow, direct train to Prague, and save a fortune on expensive night train, connecting those popular cities.

How exactly can you do it?

It's easy!

If you travel from Krakow - just catch the bus to Cieszyn from the main bus station. You pay the driver (ticket price - 20 PLN./4,5 Euros), and it takes around 3 hours to get to Cieszyn. Then you need to walk from the Polish to the Czech side of the town (Train Station). It take just 15-20 minutes walk.

From Cesky Tesin there is a lot of direct trains to Prague, ticket costs around 13-18 Euros, and travel takes 4,5 hours.

So you spend almost the same time, like in the direct train, but save a lot (up to 45 Euros!).


However - Cieszyn is such a nice place (ideal to take a break and relax after, and before the Krakow/Prague nightlife) that is really worth to stay here for a day.

In the city centre you can find the cheap, cosy and friendly little hostel called Three Brothers.


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