Checklist for San Francisco

Checklist for San Francisco

I have been a passionate traveler since my childhood and in recent time my travel for love has made me a blogger.

Recently I got the opportunity to visit San Francisco, a city in everyone’s dream.

I have now returned from there and believe me I had such a great time. It is the city that everyone definitely wishes to visit. I did a lot of things there and based on that experience, I have made a list for those people who really want to visit this Hi-tech city.  


1. Add a bus tour in your list

I think it is a nice way to discover the city as it takes you on a ride that gives you wonderful pleasure. In San Francisco, I lived in a hostel nearby Union Square. We took the bus from here and it took the places that I might not get to see or might not ever found out about. It was a surprising cold day and we sadly disappointed when the bus crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and I only saw was fog. Literally, I couldn’t see the bridge clearly.

Tip: Don’t travel the city in the cold as you will only come across with Fog, Fog, and Fog. Every bus has a stop in Union Square so you will not have to do extra effort to get your sightseeing. 


2. Visit the China town

The San Francisco’s China town is another biggest market outside the Asia and it consists of various attractive things. It has also many options to enjoy great food. I visited a Chinese restaurant there where you have to go through the way of their kitchen to get to the tables. The food was great and really cheap.

Tip: Try to explore the Grant Street to get an idea about the tourist areas.


3. Visit the Alcatraz

Alcatraz is a very old federal prison which has 104 years of history and located far away from the city. Surrounded by the water of the sea, it offers you a heart-throbbing experience for you.  There is a national park which is smartly reserved for tourists and tour operators take a few dollars for a tour.

Tip: Try to get the tour tickets two or three days before the visit as tickets sells out quickly.


4. Eat, Eat and Eat

During my visit I found that San Francisco has more than thousands of restaurants in just few square spaces. Someone suggested the name “Slanted Door” and “Ozumo” apparently one of the best Susi restaurants in the city to visit. I was in food heaven and really it was awesome.

Tip: Eat and only eat


5.  Enjoy some time on cable car

Cable car another most popular excursion in San Francisco and believe me, it was the best feeling of my life. It presents you a wonderful and panoramic view of the city and takes you on a romantic pleasure trip.  You can clearly see the route and enjoy passing other cable cars and traffic. 

Tips: Make sure your bag is not hanging off of the cable car or you are not blocking the door as the car operator sometime get cranky about it.


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