Cayo Blanco, Cuba - To Paradise and Back on a Budget

Cayo Blanco, Cuba - To Paradise and Back on a Budget

The words ‘luxury’ and ‘budget’ are rarely found together but in this case they fit just perfectly.

Arriving in to sleepy Trinidad after a week scooting around on buses and in big old rusty chevys, we booked a seemingly extravagant day off cruising to the platinum islet of Cayo Blanco.

Setting off at 9.30am, we boarded a clean and spacious catamaran. Although there were other tourists on-board it didn't feel at all over crowded or too busy. We secured a spot at the front and soaked up the sun while sailing out across the Caribbean Sea for an hour or so. 

Our first stop was for a snorkel in the clearest waters with the prettiest tropical fish. We had our own snorkel gear, but you could borrow some on-board. 


Next we sailed on to Cayo Blanco where we were ferried ashore, fed, watered and able to relax with the island practically to ourselves, except for a few friendly local iguanas and hundreds of feisty hermit crabs. We then had a good few hours to swim in the sea, laze under coconut palms and enjoy the bliss of feeling a million miles away from the rest of the world.

Initially, it felt a bit indulgent paying to lounge in luxury, but at £24pp I am so glad we decided to go for it.

 For fund-restricted backpackers, being able to visit a beautifully remote and chilled out island was paradise itself. We were back in the marina by 4.00pm and felt we had well and truly got our money’s worth.

The cost also included a rich lunch on the island as well as a free bar (think rum) both on-board and on the island.

This trip (and ones to similar spots in the surrounding area) can be easily booked at various places including some of the bigger hotels. We booked ours at the Cubanacan office on Calle Rosario, just off Plaza Mayor, Trinidad.

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