Carvern Exploration in Paraguay

Carvern Exploration in Paraguay

Arroyo Tagatiyá

90km away from Concepción when traveling on the road to Vallemí. Brook with clear waters on a calcareous ground, surrounded by luxurious vegetation (high trees, fern and bamboo plants). Snorkeling to observe the fish where the brook forms a natural reservoir, rubber boat excursions on the brook, tirolesa (crossing a river with a pulley sliding on a tightened rope), horseback ridings and trekking. The cattle ranches Doña Blanca and Santa Irene offer lodging facilities. Guest rooms, rustic cottages and camping places. Information: Agencia Aventura Concepción. Rosa Fernández. Phones: (595 31) 42742 – (595 971) 819 822.

Vallemí, San Lázaro and Tres Cerros

Cavern exploration (Speleology), rappelling at hills and caves of the region. Special trained guides. Aquatic tourism and fishing: Rivers Paraguay and Apa. Flora and fauna watch. Visit to the Industria Nacional del Cemento - INC (cement factory).

Ranch Laguna Blanca
287km away from Asunción. Road 3 until the crossroad Cruce Santa Rosa at km 260, from there 27km to the east. White sand beaches and high dunes. A water surface with an extension of 150hectares of transparent waters, appropriate for snorkeling and boat excursions. Rural activities and horseback ridings, camping area. Phones: (595 21) 422020 – (595 971) 167600. Affiliated to APATUR. Reservation office: (595 21) 210550 int. 126/7.

Travel on the Paraguay River
According to tourism specialists the natural and cultural surrounding environment of the Paraguay River is one of the most fascinating worldwide. Several ships offer tours to admire and enjoy the river environment.
LANCHA AQUIDABÁN. Regular roundtrips once a week: Concepción – Bahía Negra – Concepción. Staterooms. The ship weighs anchor at Concepción on Tuesdays at 11:00AM and returns on Sundays at daybreak. Phones: (595 31) 42435 / 423370.
LANCHA CACIQUE II: Regular roundtrips once a week: Asunción – Vallemí – Asunción. Staterooms. It sets off Asunción (Playa Montevideo) on Wednesdays at 07:00hs arriving at Concepción on Thursdays at nearly noon and at Vallemí on Fridays at the afternoon. On Mondays at daybreak it returns to Asunción. Phone: (595 21) 492829 (Mondays & Tuesdays).
CRUCERO PARAGUAY: The Pantanal program offers the roundtrip Concepción – Fuerte Olimpo – Concepción on a luxury ship. An unforgettable six days trip to the Paraguayan Pantanal region. Phones: 021 223217 / 232051 (0981) 520277 –
TEN CATEN SHIP: Fishing and relax excursions weighing anchor at the port of Concepción. Air conditioning, 12 beds, dining room, 4 fishing engine driven boats. Information: Agencia Aventura. Phone: (595 31) 42742 – (595 971) 819822. –


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