Campuestohan Highland Resort, Bacolod City - A Place Apart from the City-Life!

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Bacolod City - A Place Apart from the City-Life!

Campuestohan Highland Resort is located in between the mountain ranges of Bacolod City and Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

It is a newly created highland resort to offer more sights and places for tourists visiting the province.

You can visit the place from either two routes, one from Brgy. Alangilan in Bacolod City, and the other one is through Concepcion, Talisay City. From Bacolod City, it is roughly an hour ride.



Better to bring your own car because there is no local transportation yet going to the resort and the roads are still not yet furnished. Bring some anti-dizziness medication if you have low tolerance on rough roads.

The place looks clean, fresh, and relaxing because of the mountains that surround the highland resort and the picturesque view of Bacolod City from afar. You will surely realize how rich and untouched the Philippines is.

On the eastern side of the resort, facing the mountains, they have the "Lord of the Rings / Hobbit-like houses" that served as their overnight cottages for tourists. It's like a piece of New Zealand to which the movie was taken and surely it was superb!

They also have life-size action figures featuring 2012's most famous superheroes, including The Avengers.

Together with the Avengers, they also have the most epic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Michael Jordan, and Elvis Presley. They also mounted a "ruined-like scenery" that served as the background of the life-size figures.

Beside the "Hobbit-like" cabins you can find a dinosaur which will make you feel like going back to the "Land Before Time". Cool, huh?


On the western side of the resort, they have their five foot swimming pool, children's playground, and some cool life-size statues. Since it was the Holiday Season, they featured Santa Claus and some of his reindeer that served as the resort's center of attraction.

Oh, we also took the chance to drop by their colorful playground and have some pictures taken!



The resort doesn't serve much food yet so better bring your own packed lunch or dinner and of course, don't forget to bring refreshments to hydrate yourself under the sun's heat.



Cottages range from PHP 300 to PHP 5,000. You may check their resort details from here:

Some jump shot moments to conclude our day!

An E-P-I-C adventure as always!!!


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