Burma Travel: 5 Great Myanmar Travel Experiences

Burma Travel: 5 Great Myanmar Travel Experiences

Here we list five great things to do and see based on our own tour of Myanmar-Burma, which you may want to include on your own Myanmar travel itinerary.

Tourism to Myanmar is on the rise, and it’s becoming an increasingly talked about destination within the travel community. The country has opened up its borders to foreign investors and tourists, these changes are making Burma a more popular place to explore.

Simplification of the visa entry requirements means access to travel around Myanmar is easier than it’s been for many years.  However, travel around the country is still not without its headaches, one of the main issues being foreign visitors can’t obtain cash from ATMs or banks so need to enter the country with as much hard currency as they plan to spend. 

All that said, we consider a visit to Myanmar makes for a unique and exciting travel experience so think it’s worth making that little bit of extra effort with travel planning.


Rent a Boat and Explore Inle Lake

This magnificent lake has lots of hidden treats, diverse ethnic tribes, floating gardens filled with ripening tomatoes, century’s old temples and even a floating village and market or two. Don’t forget to marvel at the leg rowing skills of the local fishermen it really is a unique skill you will not see anywhere else, 


Bicycle around the Temples of Bagan

There are over 4,000 temples around this historic site, you won’t get to them all, but a bike will allow you to spend a day or two exploring some of the magnificent relics. Remember to time a visit to watch the sunset over the temples, a truly memorable experience. 

If you’re not into cycling then an alternative mode of transport is to hire a horse and carriage. Step back in time, and enjoy being transported around by horse power. Horse and carts are still used in some locations around Myanmar and provide a relaxing way visit places of interest, while the journey may be at times bumpy, it’s a great way to leisurely absorb the sights and sounds of Bagan. 


Go Trekking in the Mountains

One lasting legacy from the days of British colonisation are some of the mountain hill villages located around Burma.  It’s an excellent place to escape the heat of balmy summer days in the city and enjoy a bit of hiking.  The best being the walk from Kalaw to Inle Lake.  Will take you one or two nights depending on the route you choose. If you’re not feeling that energetic and don’t fancy  hiking, the mountain retreats in Myanmar still afford wonderful vistas and can be visited on your bus journey to Inle Lake. 


Try out the local wine and visit Myanmar Vineyard

Never sampled a wine produced in Myanmar, well now is your chance! While the wine is not world famous, it always good experience to sample wines in the place they are grown and produced.  Standard varieties of grape are used, so you can try a bottle of Burma red, rose or white wine.  A good value experience is to take a trip to a local vineyard that offers a wine tasting or sampling menu. That way you get to try many different varieties. There is one located just a short bike ride from Inle Lake (redmountain-estate.com).


Myanmar also produces and sells its own fruit wines. Try out some of the many brightly coloured and extremely sweet varieties, which can make an excellent accompaniment to a desert at the end of your meal.


There is so much more to see and do on a trip to Myanmar. We hope this article inspires you to consider a trip to this interesting destination or helps with your Burma travel planning..


Travel tip shared by Craig.Hickson