Budapest Ruin Bars: A Must Go

Budapest Ruin Bars: A Must Go

Although Budapest's night scene is clearly changing; it is still possible to find some hidden gems beyond the overrated Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar.

In the same district (Pest), more than a dozen ruin bars remain for you to have a taste of one of the coolest Budapest faces!

Think of a bunch of different rooms connected, open air patios, art hanging everywhere, a diverse crowd and cultural initiatives every day of the week.


Here is our selection:

1. Szimpla Kert. Goes without saying, pretty well-known and tourist-trap alike lately.

2. Instant. Also pretty famous, showcases a lot of bizarre and awkward sculptures and art happenings around the place.

3. Lokal. Skaters alike, with a mini skater shop in the courtyard. Great also for chilling in the afternoon.

4. Doboz. Kind of posh-ish, still great.

5. Escé Pop-up art bar. In a passage, along with tons of other nightclubs. It is what it is. A pop-up art bar. Colourful, lively, great!

6. Corvinteto. Electronic music, top roof terrace, young crowd, concerts and entry fee.


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