Bovec - The Valey of Inspiration

Bovec - The Valey of Inspiration

The So?a valley lies in the northwestern part of Slovenia.

The valley is known for the beautiful nature that surrounds the blue-green colored river So?a. The river and the surrounding mountains offer much possibility for hikers, kayakers and mountain bikers that visit it in all seasons of the year. 

The upper So?a valley surrounding Bovec offers outstanding possibilities for various Outdoor sports like: hiking, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, skiing, paragliding, bungee jumping, paragliding, canyoning, .. and many more.


Accommodation & Food

The valleys main source of income is tourism, and so there are many tourist accommodations (apartment’s, hotels and camping sites) to choose from.  The most tourist packed months are June, July, August, September, January and February. Its best to book in advance, but because of the number of accommodation options there will probably be no problem to find some room to sleep.

The gastronomic point offers plenty of good restaurants, inns and bars to choose from. Most of them offer some local specialties that you can try.


Things to do:

HIKING - In the surrounding mountains offer many trips for families, groups and individuals that are seeking beautiful views of the valley and other mountains in that region. The tracks are well marked and maps can be found in the tourist center in Bovec;

FISHING – the clean water and the So?a trout are a magnet for fisherman from around the world;

MOUNTAINBIKING - The surrounding mountains offer many well marked MTB paths. There is also an MTB park which can be reached with a cable car from Bovec. The park offers three sections with various level of difficulty so that you can choose the path that best suits you;

WATER SPORTS  - The River So?a is well known by kayakers and other water sport enthusiasts. In Bovec and Kobarid are many Agencies and Shops that offer guided trips and equipment to rent;

WINTER SPORTS - The Ski Center Kanin that operates from December(when enough snow) to late April. The Ski center is connected to the SKi resort Sella Nevea on the Italian side. So you can ski on both sides of the mountain;



Some places to see near:

BOVEC - Glijun, hanging bridges over the So?a, Boka waterfall, fortification Kluže,
Loška Koritnica, Mt. Mangrt, Great So?a Gorge, Lepena, source of the So?a River, Confluence of the Koritnica and So?a rivers…

KOBARID - Kozjak Waterfall, Museum of Kobarid, Isozo front remainings(WW1), Drežnica , Monument of fallen Italian soldiers,  Nadiža…


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