Boston Day Trip: 5 Activities in Under 24 Hours

Boston Day Trip: 5 Activities in Under 24 Hours

lright…so you are from out of town and you are visiting Boston. You have 24 hours to MAXIMIZE your time in the city and get a true sense as to what it’s like. So…what five things do we need to see?

Having just returned from home, I’ve whipped up an Itinerary of 5 things to maximize your day while in Boston – giving you a proper sense as to the hidden gems of this city and the unique places to check out.


So without further ado, here’s what we’re going to do:

Walk up Newbury St., through the Boston Commons, and Beacon Hill:

Ah, Newbury St. This is Boston’s “5th Ave,” and has everything from small pizza joints, to boutique clothing stores, to art galleries, to street vendors. Start your walk at Hynnes Convention Center stop on the Green line, andwalk/window shop your way up to the Boston Commons.

In the warmer months, Boston Commons swans (I mean swoons) with life, as locals and tourists alike gather to check out the local gardens, ride the swan boats, or picnic in this urban oasis. After you finish touring the Commons, head up Beacon or Tremont until you get to the golden dome City Hall.

From there, get lost in the clutter of old Bostonian streets and you learn to navigate the brick and cobblestone roads of Beacon Hill. Who knows – you might even end up on the Freedom Trail. To add some extra sites, start off by Fenway Park and check out the Green Giant as you make your way to Newbury.


Visit the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art):

After the city sites, take a cab to the ICA to see some of the most contemporary artwork and design on the East Coast – including the new building itself. The building boasts an impressive permanent collection along side temporary galleries leading one to endlessly contemplate.

If you get a chance, step into the ICA computer lab (not for those who are prone to vertigo). You might just think you’re falling into Boston Harbor.


Lunch at Pizzaria Regina and a walk through the North End:

You’ve definitely worked up an appitite at this point, so reward yourself with some of Boston’s finest pizza from a staple treasure in the North End. Pizzaria Regina is famous up and down the east coast for is delicious NY-Style pizza. It’s casual environment with red checkered tablecloths is warm and inviting.

Once you’re done, walk on to Hanover St. and be transported into Italy itself. Gelatorias, cafes, restaurants, and Mike’s Pastry await you. Just don’t eat too much; you’ve got a ridiculously delicious dinner to look forward to.


Check out Chinatown:

Once you’ve gotten a taste of Italy, spice it up with a walk through Chinatown. Delicious Chinese food and kitschy shops await you on literally every corner.

Pick up a bag of Shrimp Chips from any of the local stores to power your walk while you check out the sites and sounds of the only historically Chinese area in New England. Make sure you get a glimpse of the paifang as well.


Dinner at Oishii Sushi (in Chestnut Hill, MA):

You’re exhausted. You’re feet are aching from all the walking. And your belly is rumbling again. Not to mention, you’re probably a little thirsty (and I don’t mean for water). Get on the D Line (green) and ride 35 minutes out to the affluent burbs in Chestnut Hill, MA.

Once there, walk south down Hammond St. to Oishii Sushi Bar (WARNING.: call in advance. People have been known to wait HOURS to sit at this bar). Unquestionably the finest sushi in Boston (and some of the priciest), this coveted sushi joint is run by some of the best sushi chefs on the East Coast.

If you’re unwilling to travel this far out of Boston, don’t worry. There is an Oishii downtown (for double, if not triple, the price).

Another sushi favorite is Super Fusion in Brookline (or four other newer locations). Ask the head chef to just do his thing instead of ordering off the menu. Closer and less expensive, it gives Oishii a run for its money.


Well there you have it. You can sleep well and rest assured you’ve gotten a serious taste of a day-in-the-life of a true Bostonian.

Of course, this is just one itinerary. With so much to see and do in Boston, these activities will leave you planning your second visit soon.


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