Bosnia: A place right from the fairy tale!

Bosnia: A place right from the fairy tale!

Are you planning a vacation? What exactly do you wish to explore will give you a definite idea where to go? No place comprises everything under its arms. Some places are known for their serene beauty, some are famous for tall and traditional monuments, while others are well known for their yummy lip-smacking food! Bosnia is one place that will feast you with all the above.


Bosnia and Herzegovina together known as Bosniais a country on the Balkan Peninsula. It is said that it comes from Neolithic age. The place came under the rule of many kings and rulers from ages. The last been recorded is the Ottoman rule during which the place underwent a tremendous change. The country is very much under the Turkish influence. Surrounded by lush green, waterfalls and beautiful lakes, Bosnia is worth a visit!


Explore Bosnia and discover tranquillity

Take a walk around the city of Sarajevo and you will feel right out of a fairy-tale. Beautiful rivers, crystal clear lakes and beautiful waterfalls and to complement it there are this tall fortress and Palace. Streets of Mostar will take you step back into the past, precisely speaking into history of Bosnia.


There are few places where you can witness cultural diversity, a blend of East and West. The stone buildings and pebble filled lanes exhibits the influence of Ottoman rule. Go back to the past, you will definitely find stories of bridges and the natives love towards them, there are two magnificent bridges across, the old bridge in Mostar and the Mehmet-Pasa Sokolovic’s Bridge. These bridges are part and pride of every Bosnian.


The historical and the architectural epitomes symbolises both pain and strength the country had faced since ages. Right from the Ottoman rule to the civil war, the streets and monuments reflects the forte of the country.


The cultural life and the people of Bosnia

The people of Bosnia are simple and friendly. They maintain a strong relationship with their family and friends. Bosnians are well known for their hospitality and friendliness toward the people who visit the place.


With three most powerful ethnic group living together embracing their own culture and tradition, Bosnia is one great example of diverse country. even though the country is still recovering from the aftermath of 1990 conflicts, people enjoy their life to the fullest and they stay far from any kind of negativity. They celebrate Christmas, Eid and Ramadan together, both the groups attend the other’s event and rejoice in their joy showcasing tolerance towards other religion.Bosnians are completely “no” for any kind of nonsense talk, they are quite straight forward and talk clearly. Bosnians are happy people and love fun and laughter, every street reflects the happiness back to you.


For the tourist who visit the place around June to October will be lucky enough to experience some of the famous festivals of the country. Last but definitely the best, for a person with Bon appetite will definitely enjoy the finger licking Turkish influenced traditional food.Try the thick jam that are made of country plums and you would love to take some back home with you. And of course, don’t forget the traditional coffee-it too good!