Bogota and the very impressive Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira

Bogota and the very impressive Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira

I recently went to Bogotá, Colombia for a very brief business trip.  While there, I stayed at the Boheme Royal - very nice and clean hotel with a restaurant; the lodging fee included a free breakfast.

With respect to a restaurant that many colleagues recommended, Andres Carne de Rez, we did drive past the Chia location. The outside looked much bigger and busier than I had imagined! I would have liked to have had a meal there, but I was in Bogotá Mon-Wed, so it wasn't open while I was there.


Having said that, my business colleagues suggested the downtown location would be more suitable due to transportation/parking difficulties getting to/from Chia in the evenings, crowds, etc at the Chia location! I didn't have time to try the Bogotá location, but hope to get back down there later this summer and will try it then. They did say the food was good there. We did go to a chocolate oriented restauarant called Coti Cacao & Chokola'j which was very tasty. We also stopped at a roadside stand and had some cheese arepes (?) which hit the spot.


The one site that I was able to visit was the Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá or


Very impressive museum and cathedral built underground in a salt mine. The guided tour was given in Spanish naturally, but I had a couple bilingual colleagues who translated for me.   The site is basically a huge underground salt mine (still active) that has been developed into a museum / cultural site.  There are many chambers that include Christian carvings / sculptures; most in relation to the 14 Stages of the Cross.  In addition, there are several chapels and a main cathedral built inside the chambers.  It’s located a fairly good drive outside of Bogotá, so it’s a little bit of a logistical challenge to get there if your plans don’t take you through that area.  Outside the entrance to the salt mine was a very large and very intriguing climbing wall.  We got there towards the end of the day so we didn't get the full tour, but what we did see was well worth it.

I also made it to the Bogotá Harley Davidson dealership and picked up a couple HD t-shirts! It was just around the corner from my hotel.

All in all, I thought Bogota was a vibrant, bustling and interesting city. I am hopeful of the potential business opportunities that exist after having visited the city and several customers/prospects.




Written and contributed by mds4752