The Blue Hole National Park in Belize has two beautiful areas to offer

The Blue Hole National Park in Belize has two beautiful areas to offer

About half an hour south of Belmopan, along the Hummingbird Highway, you can find  the St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park.

It has two beautiful areas to offer: the actual park with one of the few caves in Belize you can visit on your own – and the Blue Hole, which is a beautiful sinkhole with pristine water.


The park:
the park can be seen on your own, even the cave can be explored without a guide for the first few hundred yards. It is a wonderfully quiet walk in untouched nature, surrounded by palm trees and all kind of exotic plants freely growing without human intervention. You can reach the entrance of the cave about 500yards from the visitors centre on a clear cut path through the jungle. On your way back you can opt for a second path climbing an adjacent hill, giving you a wonderful view over jungle and orange plantations.

Time: this first section of the park takes on a leisurely stroll about 2-3hrs to see.


The water hole:
the sink hole which gives the park it’s name is actually part of an underground river formed by the roof caving in. The pristine water is fresh and so clean, it’s absolutely transparent. It is very inviting to take a swim during a hot sunny day. Swimming is of course allowed; actually you will find several locals on weekends and public holidays passing their time here. You can even walk a part of the way into a small cave where the river will eventually disappear again underground. The hole is surrounded by high walls of vegetation, creating a beautiful backdrop of green against the turquoise and blue of the water. A bench is provided for who would just like to sit down and enjoy this wonderful view, while a small access ramp makes it easy to get into the water and even take a swim in the deeper areas of the hole (up to 25ft deep).

Time: the walk to the sink hole and back goes over several dozens of steps and takes about 10 mins each way. The time you want to spend at the blue hole depends totally on you. 


Location: about 20-30 minutes south of Belmopan, on the Hummingbird Highway. Local buses going to Dangriga / Punta Gorda will stop there if asked for it. The main entrance with the visitors centre comes up first, the parking area for the Blue Hole is about 1 mile down the highway. Both are also connected through a path off the highway.


Cost: admission fee is 10 BZD / person. The ticket can be paid at both entrances and is valid for both areas.


Written and contributed by HappyBelize