Bikes and Breakfast in Clifton, Virginia

Bikes and Breakfast in Clifton, Virginia

It was the first cold, crisp morning in many months - the first sign of relief from the oppressive Virginia summer. The chilly air, still damp from yesterday's rains, smelled of wet leaves, dirt, and fresh pine. The breeze tickled my bare neck, giving me goose bumps all over.

Sundays like this are made for motorcycling. I donned my jeans, long socks, leather jacket and boots and hopped on the back of my boyfriend's bike.

Out here, windy, two-lane roads weave through open pastures and thick woods - leaving the city a thousand miles away, long forgotten. We rode to historic Clifton where hundreds of other motorcycle enthusiasts converge every second Sunday of the month for Bikes and Breakfast. Riders from throughout the Washington Metro Area congregate in this charming setting to share their passion for motorcycles.

Vintage Nortons and BSAs, Urals, Motto Guzzis, Harley Davidsons and everything in between line Main Street and fill parking lots. Riders mill about, coffee in hand, talking with other riders while local shop keepers and restaurateurs greet riders with small town southern hospitality.

There is something here for everyone, including non-riders and children. Bicyclist's ride through town, joggers pass by, and families with children and dogs stop to check out the array of brightly painted two-wheelers.

Foodies can stop at the Clifton Cafe, more affectionately known as "the crepe place," for breakfast and a cup of Joe, or the General Store and Main Street Pub for a hardy meal and a beer. And for dessert, Peterson's Ice Cream Depot may be just the right spot.

Whether you are into bikes, food, or just looking for something to do, Historic Clifton is a wonderful place to spend a Sunday morning. It's a laid back, free affair in the heart of a tiny hide-away town in a big, busy place. It's a great way to get away without going away.


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