Beyond the Beach - 5 Other Things to do in Antalya, Turkey

Beyond the Beach - 5 Other Things to do in Antalya, Turkey

Everyone comes to Antalya for a beach holiday, but there are lots of other ways to spend a day on the Turkish Riviera.

1. Take a boat ride from Kaleici's marina

These comfortable wooden boats can take you for an hour trip for a quick tour of the area, or for a full day of exploring and swimming. Full day tours include lunch, which is usually fresh grilled local fish, salad and fruit. Tea is served later in the afternoon.


2. Visit Antalya's Archaeological Museum

See one of the greatest collection of classical statues anywhere, and take a trip through time from the Mycenean Age (12,000 bc) through the Ottoman Empire. The Museum is right across Beach Park, so you can still get in a swim after your cultural outing.


3. Dine in Ataturk Park

Right next to Beach Park and its casual restaurants is Ataturk Park, which offers better food and spectacular views. Try Alara for fresh fish (pick out your own from the display) or Big Man for continental fare if you're ready for a break from Turkish food.


4. Take a Stroll through Kaleici

Inside the walls of the old city you can wander aimlessly ( you might as well; you'll get lost anyway) though the winding streets and appreciate the (mostly) restored Ottoman houses. Make sure you see Hadrian's Gate, the imposing entrance to Kaleici, as well as the Yivli (fluted) Minaret and Saat Kulesi (clock tower) at the other main entrance. While inside the walls the carpet sellers will invite you to in for tea. It's fine to go in and not buy, but it takes some resistance; the carpets are very tempting.


5. Take a Day Trip to an Ancient Site

The city of Antalya is conveniently located within short driving distance of many remarkable places. You can visit Aspendos' magnificent theater and the remains of the city of Perge in one day, or go the other direction and see the eternal flames of Olympos and the beachfront ruins of Phaselis. Even closer to the city is Termessos, which rewards hikers with a dramatic vista of an ancient theater on a mountaintop.


After all the walking, eating and sight-seeing, your beach days will be even more relaxing than they were before.


Travel tip shared by Ellen in Turkey