Between Vienna and Venice: Piran, Slovenia: A Cultural Monument

Between Vienna and Venice: Piran, Slovenia: A Cultural Monument

Piran is located at the sloveneistrian coast between Vienna and Venice.

It is a very special city and the best preserved cultural monument of Slovenia Istria. Piran was over 500 years long under the rule of the Venetian empire which dominate the cityscape. Its typical Mediterranean character is given by narrow winding streets and houses, huddled close together, rising in cascades towards the ridge of the hill.

Beside its rich cultural and historical monuments Piran is the city of the famous composer Giuseppe Tartini who was born in Piran. Far away from mass tourism you will enjoy this beautiful town and its countryside. 

From Piran you have the possibility to travel to Venice, Trieste, Pore? and Rovinj by boat. Further you have a lot of  foothpaths and cycling routes where you can explore the coast and the beautiful countryside. I would like to point out the wonderful winerouts with its excellent wines (white 'malvazija' and red 'refošk'). Furthermore, there are a lot of typical Istrian villages like Krkav?e, Sv. Peter and Nova vas. It is really worthwhile to visit these places and enjoy the nature with a fantastic panorama view.

Very near to Piran is the city Portorož where you can find different beaches, a lot of wellness center's, hotel's and restaurant's. At the Croatian border near Portorož there is a natural park of the Saltpans. The salt played an important role in the past but nowadays they produce only salt for the tourists.


Written and contributed by Christos Pantelidis


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