The Best Wine Sights and Events in France

The Best Wine Sights and Events in France

France is a paradise for wine lovers.

Here, I take a look at the most exciting wine routes in the country, as well as the most significant wine sights:

La Tour d’Argent

The first stop on our way is a Paris restaurant called La Tour d’Argent, which translates as a silver tower. It takes special pride in its wine vaults with over 500,000 bottles. It is also famous for its specialty dish – a bloody duck, which is cooked according to a special recipe and has been served since 1890. Over the years, many celebrities have tried it here, including Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Jean-Paul Belmondo and others.

The restaurant is located in the Latin Quarter. It used to be the border of the city and a place filled with defense buildings. One of them was a stone tower, which, as legend says, shone like silver in the sun. This is how the name La Tour d’Argent came to be chosen.

The wine list of the restaurant looks more like a book than a menu. Visitors (who are required to adhere to a strict dress code) can take part in a lottery and win a chance to go down into the ancient wine vaults.


Lavinia wine boutique

Lavinia wine boutique is another place for wine lovers. Here you can find wine from all over the world, starting from cheap, going up to the most elite brands. There are around 6000 of them presented here, from 35 countries. Visitors can try all of them for free in the adjacent bar to make sure they make the right choice and don't spend their money in vain. There is also a restaurant inside the boutique, where visitors can order the same drinks without a surcharge.



Bordeaux is a famous oasis of wineries, which is a must see a place for every wine tourist. Here, you can find wine tours almost on every corner. The most famous chateau all tourists visit is called Chateau Mouton-Rothschild. Besides regular tours, there is also an excursion to a museum called Wine in Art, which hosts paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art, as well as being home to many exhibitions and concerts, and a large wine shop.


Saint Vincent Day 

Saint Vincent Day is a major wine-related event. It is organized in a Macon commune, 65 kilometers from Lyon. Saint Vincent is considered a patron of wine and winemakers. During the two days of this holiday, all those willing to can try wines of local origin. Winemakers bring their products not only to treat customers, but also to compete for the right to produce them under the Saint Vincent brand. There are also Saint Vincent events held in other French regions.


Le Musée du Vin Paris

Another must-see for wine-lovers is a museum called Le Musée du Vin Paris. Its wine cells were equipped in the 15th century by monks, who back then were producing favorite wines of Ludovic XIII.


All in all, France offers plenty of opportunities to pamper your taste buds and learn more about wine history. Do not miss this amazing opportunity!