the best way to look around Taipei, Taiwan

the best way to look around Taipei, Taiwan

MRT system of Taipei city, Taiwan.

What do you know about Taipei, Taiwan?
Clean is one thing, fun and convenience also.

The best way to look around Taipei city is using MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system.
Compare to Seoul’s metro system Taipei’s MRT is a bit smaller and not spread wide, however it is very easy to use in many ways.

MRT consisted with 7 different lines. From the Taipei’s central “Taipei main station”, MRT spread to 4 directions. Basically by just using the MRT system, you can see most of Taipei, because a lot of Taipei’s famous spots and sights are located around the MRT station.
For instance, using MRT Danshui line, running through north to south Taipei, you can go Taipei museum, hot springs, night market and many more. The 101 building, one of the most famous place in Taipei, is located in near Taipei city hall station, MRT Bannan line. Ride the other way of Bannan line, you can go to Danshui river side. If you need some rest from the chaotic city centre, this area will do.

The best part of Taipei’s MRT system is, even though MRT consisted with 7 different lines the transfer distance is not complicated at all. Basically transit stations are below or upward of your current station. So all you need to do is just climb or down the stairs.

Basic fare is TWD 20. According to the distance you choose it added up from TWD 5.
If you plan to use MRT system all day long, then I recommend a one day ticket. Then you can use this ticket the whole day long.
You can buy your ticket from a guy in a toll booth or use the ticket machine. It is quite amusing. Look at the map above the machine and figure out how much you need. Then select the amount of money from the screen and put in the money. You will get a blue coin. That is your ticket. All you need to do is touch the ticket at the gate. Amusing, huh?
Or if you are going to stay longer in Taipei, there’s a rechargeable card for you.

Written and contributed by jiyeon


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