Best View of Tokyo for Free

Best View of Tokyo for Free

You can join the millions of tourists who go to SkyTree and Tokyo Tower every year, paying for a view. They're both great places. But...

If you want a free view of Tokyo, look no further than Shinjuku. In Nishi Shinjuku (west Shinjuku), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building offers free panoramic views from the 45th floor.

Keep a map with you since it's a little hard to find west of Shinjuku's electronics district. But it's in a quiet part of the city that offers a nice respite from the main area of bustling Shinjuku, and you can spend a few hours looking across the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo while you sip on coffee or tea at the cafe.


I visited the goverment buiilding and it was a decent view of downtown Tokyo/Shinjuku for free!