Best Things to Do in Rwanda

Best Things to Do in Rwanda

Planning to go on an adventure in Rwanda?

The Land of a Thousand Hills sits at the hub of East Africa. It is a land of exquisite beauty and a great place to enjoy a safari where you will wake up to a golden sky splashed with mist; certainly feel a rush of cool, sweet, fresh air brush against your face.

To adventure junkies, Rwanda is a great destination where you can engage in different adventure activities. 


Here are the Top Things to Do in Rwanda

Kigali City Tour

Rwanda's capital Kigali is a place not to miss. Since 1994 Kigali has had tremendous developments and it’s now an economic, cultural and transportation center in Rwanda. The city is home to over one million people; it has well improved accommodation facilities, shopping malls and above all has the cleanest streets in East Africa. While on your guided Kigali City Tour, you will get a chance to learn more about Rwanda’s history and the people themselves, especially the local Rwandese. Notable places that you don't want to miss on a Rwanda tour include the Kigali Genocide Memorial, the Presidential Palace, Parliamentary Building, local markets, art museums etc.


Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda is one of the only three countries that protect the mountain gorillas. Tracking the mountain gorillas is the most popular adventure that pulls tourists to this lovely country. Rwanda has a large population of mountain gorillas and gorilla tours are organized within the Volcanoes National Park by several tour operators. All the required information about planning for a gorilla trek is clearly provided and in case of need, there are several tour companies that can help in planning for your trip.

While in Volcanoes National Park, another amazing thing to do is taking a visit to the Dian Fossey Research Center. This center was established by the late Dian Fossey, the famous American zoologist, primatologist, and anthropologist who pioneered an extensive study of mountain gorilla groups for over a period of 18 years before she met her brutal death in the Volcanoes National Park.

Hiking to the center she established and visiting her grave is paying tribute to this wonderful lady who died protecting the mountain gorillas in Africa.


Visit Lake Kivu Beaches

Lake Kivu and its beaches provide a great place to relax and wind down on a leisurely holiday in Rwanda. Given its location, one should not miss a tranquil excursion to Lake Kivu after either a gorilla trek in Volcanoes or a chimpanzee trek in Nyungwe Forest. There are several facilities and amenities that have been developed in the area, and Lake Kivu has the most developed resorts in Rwanda.

While at the beach, you can involve yourself in lots of adventure activities including sunbathing, swimming, diving, beach volleyball, island exploration, including a coffee tour and boat cruising as you are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the area.

While in Gisenyi, you can also visit the Bwalirwa the only brewery in Rwanda and leading local manufacturer of beers like Mutzig, Guinness and Primus.


Volcanic Biking

Biking can as well be enjoyed in Musanze district on the streets of Ruhengeri town and its surroundings. The town has well maintained roads, handicraft shops and a market where one can easily go shopping on a bike. Ruhengeri town also has good restaurants where you can get a snack and while here, a visit to Musanze lava cave is a good idea. You can easily get Rwandan-made local products that can be good souvenirs, which will keep reminding you of the memorable times you had on your visit.


Canopy Walks

Rwanda is the only place in East Africa where travelers can enjoy a canopy walk. The well completed canopy walk way in Nyungwe Forest is 50 meters above the ground level and 90 meters long. While adventuring through the southern province of Rwanda, you should not miss this exciting elevated walk over the forest. The walk being above the forest floor, will give you clear personal eye contact with the primates in the forest and an aerial view of the valleys and mountainous relief of the area. Birders will also have a chance to view bird species that inhabit the upper canopy layers.

Do not hesitate to learn and discover more about Rwanda, the land of beauty and amazingly astonishing wildlife species, above all the view of the cleanest city on the African Continent.


Chimpanzee Tracking and Bird Watching

Rwanda is one of the 21 countries in Africa where chimpanzees can be found. The country protects a good population of chimps in Nyungwe Forest and Gishwati Forest. Chimpanzee tracking can best be done in Nyungwe Forest, a home of over 12 primate species in Rwanda.

The forest has the Angolan Colobus monkey, Silver monkey, L’Hoest monkey, Golden monkey, Red-tailed monkey as well as baboons, therefore, while you are in Rwanda and interested in viewing primates in their natural setting, you are highly invited to track them in Nyungwe forest. The forest is also a home to various African bird species and all those interested in birding can always drop by and enjoy the marvelous creatures at their best.