The best seafood lunch on Zanzibar... for only £5

The best seafood lunch on Zanzibar... for only £5

If you're a fan of fresh seafood, the best lunch you can have in Zanzibar is on Paje beach, on Captain Hadji's front porch.

There is only one thing on the menu -- catch of the day.

You can wade out with Captain Hadji at high tide to the local fishing boats and inspect and choose your fish (and sometimes octopus). If you ask nicely, Captain Hadji will also fry you some locally farmed seaweed. A lovely crunchy briny delicacy!

The 2 of us had a white snapper and a red garoupa, a plate of fried seaweed and plenty of rice cooked in rich fragrant coconut milk. Throw in a couple of sodas, and our total bill came to about £10.

More details and photos here

You can reach Captain Hadji at +255 77 883 1384


Written and contributed by WenLin Soh


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