The Best Places to Surf in the World

The Best Places to Surf in the World

There is nothing quite like finding the perfect set of waves, and that is why so many people travel the world in search of the best surfing locations.

Even though there are still gems to be found, here is a look at five of the best surf spots in the world.

Manu Bay (New Zealand)

After a number of well-known movies were filmed on this New Zealand beach in the 60s, it quickly become a popular tourist destination. In addition to the iconic scenery, this bay is also an excellent surf location. When larger swells are anticipated, surfers should be ready to deal with the crowds that are sure to follow.


Supertubes (South Africa)

Located a few hundred miles east of Cape Town, Supertubes has become one of the most popular surf destinations in the world over the last two or three decades. Much like its name implies, this beach is known for consistent tubes throughout most of the year. When combined with the beautiful and temperate weather, Supertubes is one spot that no surf enthusiast should miss.


Hossegor (France)

This sleepy French town has been nicknamed the “surfing capital of Europe” because of the extremely consistent wave patterns. Many of the pros who are not training in Australia and Hawaii make their way to Hossegor to brave the occasionally frigid water. Some of the spring tides frequently produce waves that are 14 feet or higher in the mornings and just before sunset.


Tamarindo Beach (Costa Rica)

It is difficult to find a location in Costa Rica that isn't beautiful, but Tamarindo Beach is particularly breathtaking. This eye-catching beach has multiple surf spots that are perfect for beginners as well as pros. When you aren't catching waves, you can take a few steps off the beach and enter into a lively jungle that is filled with monkeys, parrots, and countless other exotic animals.


Pipeline (Hawaii)

No list of surf spots would be complete without including Pipeline in Hawaii. This small beach in Oahu has become synonymous with world-class surf, and it hosts dozens of competitions every year. Unfortunately, it is also one of the deadliest surf spots in the world with hundreds of recorded accidents. For those who are willing to brave these waters, this beach has a staggering average wave height of nine feet.


Before going to any of the five above locations, make sure that your board is up to par. You can get one from Find Sports or pretty much any other outdoors store, but you want to make sure that it has a big fin (for more control in bigger surf).

When it comes to finding the best waves in the world, these few spots are only the tip of the iceberg. As our technology becomes more advanced, pro surfers and avid enthusiasts continue to find amazing waves in every single ocean.


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