Best Places to Study in Barcelona

Best Places to Study in Barcelona

Have some work to do while you’re here in Barcelona? Not to worry. There are plenty of great study spots for you to take advantage of that will make your study experience as good as it can be.

How can you not be inspired in a city as full of brilliant artistic and intellectual minds as Barcelona?  Whether you’re looking for a silent library, or a energizing coworking space, a café to sip a coffee and relax, or a park for some fresh air, sun and space, Barcelona has you covered.


1. Libraries

Biblioteca de Catalunya

Created in 1907 as the “Library of the Institute of Catalan Studies,” the Library of Catalonia has a mission to gather, conserve and disseminate biographical output of Catalonia. This grand old library is a great place for a quiet study session. With large windows -- a signature feature of the Gothic architecture from the era in which it was built -- long tables and all old wooden furniture, the Library of Catalonia perfectly combines historic charm with natural light and architectural beauty. This historic place is ideal for a peaceful, quiet study session.

If you need a break from your studies, take a stroll around the library— which could almost double as a museum! Peek at the grand piano at the end of the East Room and the stained glass window of the room Prat de La Riba.  Complete your tasks in the presence of history, beauty and tranquility by heading to the Biblioteca de Catalunya.

Address: Carrer de l'Hospital, 56


Dipòsit de les Aigües

Dipòsit de les Aigües, the main library of the University of Pompeu Fabra, is a great place for students, professors, and local working people alike to sit down and take a crack at their to-do list.

Designed by Josep Fonterè with the help of a young emerging architect (none other than Antoni Gaudí himself) in 1874, this building has experienced a series of identity crises since its creation. At a point in time it was a municipal asylum, a water tower, a changing room, a garage of the Municipal Police Force... the list goes on -- this library has truly seen it all. Today however, it is simply a beautiful and historic place for visitors, locals and students to do some leisurely reading or homework.

Address: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27


2. Coworking Spaces


For a more interactive work experience, check out one of the many coworking spaces in Barcelona. Zamness is the perfect place for innovative, creative people to to connect with one another. You will undoubtably be inspired by all the creative minds you are surrounded with, motivating you to do the best work you possibly can.

Head to Zamness for group project or study session and absorb all of the encouraging energy of the place. You’ll be free to use meeting rooms, the bar, even a shower if you decide to join this coworking space.

Conveniently located right near Barceloneta, if you tire of the funky modern décor, or more likely of your work, you can easily take a stroll along the beach to absorb some sun and breath in some fresh air.

Address: Carrer de Zamora, 46



Betahaus is much more than just a coworking space. Betahaus is a community, a family, a home -- a place where you can feel totally comfortable getting your work done, networking, or just chilling out. Complete with a rooftop terrace, an event space, meeting rooms and a café, you will be dying to get back to Betahaus to chat with some fellow entrepreneurs and creative professionals as soon as you leave.

What better way to ensure that you’re doing the best work you can than by discussing with likeminded people in a comfortable professional environment?

Address: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7


Talent Garden

The Talent Garden is a coworking space where passionate digital, technical and creative workers can come to connect and grow. This community prioritizes networking, and along with gaining access to spaces and services, becoming a member here will give you the opportunity to participate in one of their many educational events. Attending an event will help you to develop and grow your business. As a final added bonus, there are 13 Talent Garden locations worldwide, so leaving Spain doesn’t mean the end of your Talent Garden experience.

Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 239


3. Parks

Jardins de Laribal

If you work best surrounded by beautiful greenery in a quiet outdoor space, the Gardens of Laribal might be the place for you. Created for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition by Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier, these gardens have a unique Mediterranean-based landscape style complete with wild vegetation, both native and non-native. Observe the stunning variety of species including Aleppo pines, stone pines, Monterey cypresses, Himalayan cedars and more.

Sit under one of their shady trees below hanging purple flowers, pull out your books and enjoy. One of the lesser-known outdoor parks, the Jardins de Laribal, located on the lower slope of Montjuïc, is a serene place to get some work done.

Address: Passeig de Santa Madrona, 2


Parc de la Ciutadella

If you prefer to study in a more lively and active space, surrounded by people strumming a guitar, singing, or playing pass with their dogs, the Parc de la Cuitadella is the perfect place for you. Complete with giant green trees lining the walking paths, large grass strips for you to lay down a blanket, stunning gardens and a magnificent golden fountain designed with the help of a young Antoni Gaudí, the Parc de la Ciutadella is nothing short of inspirational. What better way to motivate yourself to do great work than by surrounding yourself with masterful sculptures, fountains and buildings created by some of Barcelona’s most inspired minds?

Check visiting this popular park off of your Barcelona bucket list while simultaneously getting your work done. As an added bonus, if you need a break or a way to reward yourself for your hard work, you can take a stroll through the park and end up at the Barcelona Zoo.

Address: Passeig de Picasso, 21


4. Cafés

The Federal Café

Need some extra motivation to get your work done? Energize yourself with a scrumptious brunch from the Federal Café. The Federal not only has an amazing brunch menu and delicious coffee options for all your food and caffeine needs -- it also has the perfect chill atmosphere conducive to a productive study session.

Sit at one of their cafeteria-style tables and pull out your laptop; you will fit right in with the other students hitting the books there.

Address: Carrer del Parlament, 39 and Passatge de la Pau, 11 


Laie Librería-cafeteria

This hybrid café/ library/ bookstore is a great place to get your work done in Barcelona. Complete with a massive selection of books on any subject you may desire -- from economics to linguistics to romance, Laie has you covered. Come here to do some research using their copious resources, grab a coffee, a sweet snack, and enjoy. 

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 8


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