Best Places to Scuba Dive In Africa

Best Places to Scuba Dive In Africa

When thinking about Africa, diving and snorkeling do not normally enter your mind. This is a continent with wild forests and hostile deserts.

Those adventurers that choose to indulge in an African experience will certainly not be let down with the stunning views as well as diving areas. It is a continent that is abundant in wild animals and aquatic life, so you could do them both when you travel there.


Here are the 5 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Africa:

Taba, Pharaoh's Island, Egypt

Egypt is best recognized for its pyramids and also historical sites that are centuries old. Taba is located in the northern reaches of the Gulf of Aqaba. As well as being known for its impressive aquatic life it was a Phoenician port, bordered by tiny peaks as well as wall surfaces that fall to 80 feet.

It includes healthy and balanced coral reefs, large schools of batfish, and also the attractive moray eels. It is a fantastic location for snorkeling and also of course scuba diving, and if you are lucky you may get to see the extremely uncommon frogfish that are found in this area. If your snorkeling, make sure to take a good snorkel mask with you. There are no stores or rental shops anywhere in the area.


Doodles, Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Mozambique is recognized for its sensational coastlines and also blue waters, hence it is not surprising that it features among the top diving areas in Africa. Doodles is a lengthy as well as intriguing coral reef that has some beautiful underwater scenery.

Scuba divers will usually get lucky and see dolphins playing in the waters. The finest diving is rather deep however, reaching 115 feet in many areas, it’s a good idea to make use of a diving computer to keep an eye on your nitrogen levels.


Pemba Island, Tanzania

Tanzania is positioned in the heart of Africa and is also famed for its wide array of wild animals, in as well as out of water. Pemba Island is the northern most part of the Tanzanian island in the Indian Ocean. It is home to vibrant and colorful coral reefs, and also huge bommies (a beautiful and rare fish).

These are all circled by a range of coral reef fish that inhabit the area. The North Horn diving area is mostly well-known for its shark dives that include white and black tips, grey whalers as well as the hammerhead shark.


Gansbaai, South Africa

South Africa is positioned at the most southern tip of Africa and the area of Gansbaai, concentrates lots of charm in one location. Its best known for its gigantic seal populations and the Antarctic penguins. Located at the eastern part of Cape Town, it has the most wonderful diving areas. Don’t miss it!


The Sardine Run, South Africa

Home to what may just be, one of the world's best dives, the Sardine Run has enormous schools of sardines that run up the eastern coast, right off the Agulhas Bank. Picture in your mind 4 miles worth of sardines, trailed by sharks and dolphins and you have some idea what this dive is like.