Best Place to Visit When Travelling in England: The Lake District

Best Place to Visit When Travelling in England: The Lake District

I am guilty of wanderlust like many others, and I do enjoy travelling to different countries around the world.

However, I also love to travel around my home country.

I often go hiking, walking and cycling amongst the beautiful landscapes and greenery, especially in England’s biggest national park:


The Lake District

My family always make at least a yearly visit to ‘the Lakes’, often taking along with us our friends and the dog.

In the UK the Lake District is one of the most popular tourist attractions, because of its stunning views and tranquil surroundings. Living in North Yorkshire, the Lakes has always been easy for me to get to as it is located in the North-West of England, but this isn’t the only reason why my family and I never miss out on our annual visit.

While the weather might be unpredictable in England, it only seems to enhance the landscape in the Lake District, creating more breath-taking views and making it an ideal get-away for anyone.


Staying Over

We’ve camped and stayed in hotels in various areas around the mountains and deep lakes. You can find lots of great hotels, lodges or camping spots for cosy winters or glorious summers, and there are plenty of holiday companies that specialise in holiday homes in the Lake District.


Where to Visit

If you’re keen on activities, you might want to do a bit of research into the Lake District’s attractions. Such as, this blog who have also discovered the Top 10 Attractions of the Lake District as voted on Trip Advisor. If you fancy visiting The Gingerbread Shop in Grasmere, The Puzzling Place in Keswick or The Theatre by the Lake also in Keswick, you’ll want to make sure you’re staying within a reasonable distance, so that’s something worth considering before you book. You can find a range of great hotels, lodges or camping spots for cosy winters or glorious summers including South Lakeland Parks.

Our children enjoy the theatre in particular for entertainment and we often visit The Puzzling Place to have a look at some interesting artwork. In the towns (like Kendal and Penrith) you will find the most welcoming people who have always helped us out during our trips by recommending places to visit.


Getting Involved

If you do decide to visit the Lakes for a holiday you won’t be short of things to do or events to get involved in. I would suggest to anyone planning a visit to take a picnic for your trip, as if the weather is nice you’ll really want to make the most of enjoying the great British countryside. You can also go paintballing, climbing or even zorbing, so be sure to take a look online to find out more about the range of activities and when they take place.

Here, we have also climbed the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike, which at 978m high has some wonderful views. This was on our family’s Lake District ‘bucket list’ that we have slowly been working through together.


Whether you’re from Britain or elsewhere, I would recommend the Lake District to anyone, it’s one of Britain’s greatest holiday destinations and isn’t to be missed!


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