The Best Massage in Kathmandu

The Best Massage in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal's capital, is a sprawling metropolis of winding, narrow, unfinished streets with cars kicking up dust and horns blaring in your ear.

You're lugging your 65-liter travel backpack, weighing down your tired shoulders, and you just manage to dodge their front bumper of the next taxi squeezing past you and the local artisan shop with a shop owner attempting to lure you in to buy their jewelry or their yak wool blanket. 

It's a necessary hub to stop through when traveling in Nepal. You may need to stop through Kathmandu three or four times in your visit, so why not embrace the chaos?


Do what I do: seek out the best massage you can find.

I had a several massages in Nepal, three in Kathmandu, and I honestly can attest that one stood out above all of them. The facility, the therapist - Promila, the location, everything was superior to the other two places I visited.

It’s easy to find in the heart of Thamel on Chaksibari Marg Street. Look for a restaurant called Brezel (which serves delicious German pretzels, by the way), and you will find Radiance Spa.


Keep in mind, massage prices are not concrete. You can negotiate the price. I opted for the package deal for 1800 rupees ($20):

1 hour Body Scrub

1 hour Massage

30 minute Facial

After 3 days of trekking, 5 days working on a school construction site and 10 days sitting in 12-hours of silent meditation, it was the perfect way to spend my last day in Nepal. I highly recommend it.


To be noted...

- Ladies, you WILL get a breast massage.

- Save the Thai massage for Thailand (according to my experience). 

- Do not let me deter you from Kathmandu. It is a city full of great sights, food, and nightlife. Once you've ticked all those boxes, go and get a massage.


I have been there recently but I regret to say that the overall rating of service and environment / cleanliness is below average. I paid 1500 NPR for 1 hour Thai massage which was just okay. I would advise to think twice before giving it a try.


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