The best location to stay in Madrid - Hotels in the area Puerto del Sol

The best location to stay in Madrid - Hotels in the area Puerto del Sol

I have been to a few hotels in Madrid so I thought I'd contribute.  

Here are my thoughts on some in the Puerto del Sol area, which is in my opinion the best location to stay while in this wonderful Spanish city!


Hotel Victoria IV:

Expensive, but in a great location.  Stayed here during a quick stop in Madrid for two nights. The rooms are small, but very nice. Mine had a great patio overlooking busy Madrid below. You definitely pay for the location and cleanliness (I think at the time I paid 84 Euros per night), but if you have the budget I recommend this as a wonderful place to stay right in the heart of a beautiful city!


Asturias Hotel:

Nothing special about this hotel. Great location, average rooms, a little overpriced. Small elevator. Desk service wasn't friendly, but they did the job. I took a backpacking tour to a few other cities in Spain, then came back to Madrid. I booked a cheaper hotel in the same neighborhood upon my return.


Hotel Madrisol: 

Great location at a fantastic price.  I think I must have got the handicapped room or something, because the shower wasn't separated off in a tub by a glass door. It was simply cut off from the toilet by a curtain, and the drain was right in the middle of the bathroom. There was a large handlebar on the wall. The bed was odd too, a small single bed with what felt like a rubber or plastic lining under the sheet. Aside from those abnormalities, the place was great. I was impressed by the price, it was really affordable. The location can't be beat, it's right in the heart of Puerta del Sol - if you visit Madrid for just a few days this is the area you want to see. Friendly staff. Not to mention a nice little balcony overlooking the lovely city. I'd stay here again, as long as those rates continue to be 20-40 Euros cheaper than other local competitors.



Written and contributed by sjohnson301